The Fumbling Hawaiian

Kudus to whomever made that sign. I saw it on TSN Labour Day game broadcast. The appropriate switch in wording really cracked me up. :thup:

Didn't see the sign but he did fumble twice on kick returns so thats pretty cool :stuck_out_tongue:

I wonder if this means I was on TV :stuck_out_tongue: I sit pretty close to the guy

Too bad he killed the cats on this play

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Hey Captain Crunch, why don't you stop trying to piss on the posts that try to have a little fun; even when it might be contraire to your egosticial persuassion. What do you say?

Captain's dry sense of humour, I think we are all getting used to it by now. :wink:

Crunchie and his sidekick the Earl the necklace should follow the lead of their own hype.