The frying pan, or the fire?

Bad news: Your hometown team, which is obviously your favourite and for whom you've been buying season's tickets for years, has just been purchased by Bernie and Lonie Glieberman, with Michael Feterik in on the deal and promising his son will play QB.

What would you, personally, do? Would you continue to buy your seasons tickets, thereby endorsing the ownership, and encouraging them to stay around longer and make more of a mockery of your team? Or, would you stop buying your tickets so as to boycott the owners, but then run the risk of contributing to the death of your favourite franchise, due to low attendance?

And "giving the new owners a chance" is not an option. Remember, these are the Gliebermen we're talking about :wink:

Neither is "buying tickets but wearing a paper bag and voicing my displeasure". That's just a cop-out on this question! Anyway, season's tickets are what count. An owner could have all the fans in the world yelling at him, but if he's still got 25,000 season's tickets sold, he won't care.

Who are they hiring as coach? John Huard?

That's a pretty ugly scenario, but it makes the decision easy--my tickets would be in before the ink dried on the sales contract.

I assume Nelson Skalbania is the financier of this hypothetical deal?

Either you support your team, or you dont and lose it. Ottawa fans chose the latter, and they are constantly crying about how the CFL, their local politicians , the Gliebs screwed them over. They must shoulder some the blame as well, staying away just sealed the fate of the 'Gades. Ottawa fans got rid of the Gliebermans ,but they lost their team in the process. Im going to ask the Ottawa fans, was the price you paid-losing the team-worth getting rid of the Gliebs?


What is the point of this?

When the Gliebermans bought the team it was June and the team only had under 6K Season ticket holders.

Thus those 17K people who decided not to re-new their season tickets after the 2004 Season had nothing at all to do with the Gliebermans.

It is either Ottawa fans don't support a losing team OR
Frank Clair Stadium is in such bad shape Fans can't stand going there more then 3 years straight.
the Original Renegade Ownership was also bad.

There hasn't been stable ownership in Ottawa as far back as I can remember...mind you, in my old age, that's not all that long. :wink:

Still, I have to agree with sambo. Sure you can boycott your team if you want, but you can't start blaming everyone else when you end up losing your team as a result.

Or its the triple whammy and Ottawa has a huge hill to climb.

very possible, very possible.

although I'm thinking a new 100-120M stadium with real seats, 40-50 Boxes, real concessions area + washrooms, 30K+ seats Either a horseshoe or full bowl.

They'd be able to survive, part of this would need to be a cheap lease/stadium occupancy, 1M per year for 20 years rising yearly at say 1% to 3% per year(depending on inflation)
Deal is attached to Teams survival in Ottawa
Team Garantees a CFL team in Ottawa for 5 preferably 10 years

D'angelo/Hunt/Sherman should be able to make it happen, although a football person could be used as part of the group maybe even Palmer or one of his group.'s your thread Kev but I don't see why this isn't a valid option when this is exactly what the fans and press corp did to Feterik during his reign of terror....IMO this is the only option to ensure a team doesn't Renegade itself into oblivion.....

You'd have to be a pretty big moron to select option #2, especially after watching how well it worked for Ottawa.


You keep mentioning this 100-120 million dollar stadium. Im pretty sure you are looking at a lot more. The newest NFL stadium I believe is used by the Arizona Cardinals. That stadium cost $600,000,000. Im not saying a new stadium in Ottawa is gonna be as nice, so the price will be less, but definately not $500,000,000 less. You are trying to tell me, that in this day and age you can build a brand new stadium for that price? Not a hope.

You forgot option # 3....Holding a seance to resurrect Murray Pezzim.

I've only wore a paper bag once in my life. That was when Pezzim owned the team. The half time shenanigans, marrying an 18 year old Bimbo at half time, the horrible team on the field. Then came the Brick owner....(Can't seem to remember his name.....) Just as bad as Pezzim. But, I kept going to the games, hoping, just hoping some how, some day, things would turn around and get better. Then, a new owner rode into town, to rescue us from the silliness. The last few years have been great!

Ah, Sambo, my good man...I don't know what you expect to hear. The people here are probably also people that bought tickets and supported the team. So none of us is in any hurry, I'm sure, to take responsibility since we did our "job".

As far as the no-shows though, I've already said that the fans here need to lose the "here we go again" mentality. So obviously I don't agree with that stance that they take. I don't know what more you want any of us to say because we're not in a position to know how many people deliberately chose to not attend and their exact reason why.

I understand your opinion that fans should support a team no matter what. On the other hand, giving Lonie Glieberman 25,000 people a game would send the message that he's doing a good job and he would just go on with his "reign of terror". So I see where they're coming from too, even if I don't agree with them.

The fans and press fried F-Troop, but how long did it take to kick them out? 3 horrible years. And if no one had cancelled their seasons tickets during that time, they'd still be the owners to this day.

If you don't like how something's being run, the only way to try and change it is to stop buying into it (literally). But, with a CFL team especially, you then run the risk of killing it completely.

I would like to see at least one Ottawa fan say, yes , fans that stayed away helped in the 'Gades demise. I have not yet seen this in any Ottawa fan's post-- and doubt that it will ever happen.

You would really cash in season tickets because you dont like the owner??! You seem not to like Jim Hopson, so why dont you turn in your season tickets(if you have them), if you didn't like the moves he made last year? You would make a good Renegade fan, because at least 5 to 7 thousand of them thought like you. Even if the Gliebs and Feterik bought the Riders , its the players that deserve our support. If you want to end up driving or flying to Winnipeg, Edmonton or Calgary just to watch a CFL game, more power to you.

I don't think anyone can or will deny that if Ottawa HAD had bigger crowds, they probably wouldn't have gone under. But the problem is, all the anti-Ottawa people figure that's WHY the Renegades went under.

Namely, if Ottawa had ever had decent ownership,the crowds likely would have been bigger. Quite simply, one leads to the other, moreso than a winning team leads to big enough crowds (look at Hamilton).

So (some of) the fans in Ottawa figured, I'm not going to waste my money and support this ownership that's driving my team 6' into the ground. I'm not going to go to games, give the Gliebermen the impression they're doing a good job, and watch them make a mockery of my team. I'm going to stay away until the ownership changes.

That is a fairly logical way of thinking ... If Feterik bought the Stamps again, I would have a very hard time buying season's again. I don't know right now if I would buy them or not - but it would be a long, hard decision to make.

As a matter of fact, I have discussed with Mr. Hopson the possibility of not renewing my season tickets based upon the decision to disregard 100 years of history and tradition by renaming Taylor Field, and the unfortunate and classless decision to fire Roy Shivers midseason.
The only thing that prevents me doing so is the realization that Hopson will eventually be replaced, hopefully before he does any more long term damage.
If however, he owned the team, and therefore his decisions were likely to be even more unilateral than now, and he was unlikely to go away soon, believe me when I say, the tickets would already be in!!
And he isn't half as bad as the circus that the Gleibermans represented....

To get some perspective on the issue, I did turn in my tickets after they let Ron Lancaster go, and while I did buy game tickets, I was no longer a "season ticket" holder. As releasing Lancaster marked the beginning of 11 years in the wilderness, I think more fans should have followed my lead...
I did not return to that status for several years. I also considered doing so when John Gregory was fired.
I actually regret not doing it in that case. Especially as it resulted in another decade in the wilderness.
I can only hope that the latest such move, firing Roy, does not result in another ten years out in the cold....
It is a question of principle and integrity. As much as I love the team, when I see a pattern of ineptitude that is actually hurting the team long term, am I supposed to remain silent, just buy my tickets and shut up?
Or should I use the only real option of protest at my disposal and threaten to not support a team financially if I cannot support them ethically?

Appreciate your honesty, Arius.

The thing of it is, when you make that choice as a fan, you can't know how many others are doing the very same thing. In Ottawa, it's not like it was some organized coup against the Gliebermans. People just looked at what was being offered and thought it looked lousy. It doesn't mean that they'd feel the same with whatever product the next guy was looking to offer.

I generally don't get so auto-biographical, but the thread topic seemed to call for a little bit.
Obviously, the danger of a fan boycott is that you lose the team. And while one fan tilting at windmills may not have that, or any effect, the possibilty exists.
And I don't pretend to have any particular insight into the psyche of the typical Ottawa fan.

But what I am claiming, is that supporting a team irregardless, can result in the death of a franchise in the long term just as surely as refusing to offer short term financial support.
The reality is, most teams have a hardcore of fans who can be depended on to go to games.
But teams do not survive just from that hardcore.
No different in Ottawa or Regina.
If the product on the field is brutal, if the organization running the team is not competant, the average fan, the marginal fan, will find other places to spend his or her entertainment dollar.
And the average fan will not examine the situation, or try to change anything to make it better. He will just say, "that sucked, I'd rather go to a movie".
And those fans, once turned off, are twice as hard to convince the next time.
So while it is fine to suggest "support the team irregardless....", the reality is that is not in and of itself enough.
And by bringing back the Gleibermans, it was a slap in the face to every fan in Ottawa...