The front page should say 2011

The front page where the games are should say 2011 but it says 2010 playoffs...

way to not look bushleague guys!


It says 2011 on my computer.

I got 2011 as well....

maybe they just changed it

Mine says 2010.


lol funny stuff :lol:

For those whose pages say 2010, try hitting Shift + F5 (in Firefox, at least). It's possible your computer has an old image stored with the same name as the 2011 image. Doing what I said should refresh the images (among other things. I think.)

Nope, still says 2010. Kind of like the groundhog day movie. I'm stuck in the 70's, what's going on with this 2010 thing. :cowboy:

Well I’m all out of ideas then (other than turning your computer off and on again).

Mine say 2011. Try refreshing the page by holding the Alt/Option key and hitting refresh in your browser. Either that or delete your browser cache then restart it.

:lol: That's so weird. Mine says 2011.

Mine says 2011, I got IE 9; maybe others haven’t downloaded or upgraded to Internet Explorer 9 perhaps?