The Forums Are Dead: Why?

I wish you both all the best in the future. Marriage isn't easy, but nothing worth having is.

She sounds like a TiCats fan at heart. When I moved down to Southern Ontario as an Eskies fan from childhood, realizing I needed to convert to a local team, I "interviewed" both teams. After two games in both Skydome and IWS I concluded you'd have to be crazy to cheer for the blue team. Some of their fans who post here show resemblance of sanity so I may have over-estimated the effects.

You are such an integral part of this forum, I think your news deserves its own thread (especially because it's the off-season :wink: )


I have seen a couple more posts from the guy, so he wasn't driven away completely. Eventually, people might realize that they were wrong, that the guy might actually have been who and what he said he was. But don't expect any apologies, even though one was expected the other direction.

[This message going to be deleted too?]

Congrats Russ. My wife warns me when I accidentally wear two shades of blue...

It's way too beautiful outside to be all sitting on the internet ... mid 80's nice and sunny .. got the boat waxed and shined up ..the bass fishing is awesome right now .. the beaches are filling up with bikinis :stuck_out_tongue: .. best time of year to hit the amusement parks not too hot yet ..
bbq's and camping .. so many things that can be done .. it's time to put both hands on the desk in front of you and PUSH ..stand up get outside and go do something enjoy the fresh air .. plus it all helps to take away my disappointment in the city of Hamilton and the Ti-Cat organization best to forget about it for a while and just wait for some actual football ...

Don't know where you are but here it's 91 degrees every day and we've had no rain for at least 3 weeks, bikinis have been on our local beach since January. The only bad thing is the mosquitos!! they were aerial spraying with a helicopter the other night. I'm running early in the mornings, sitting around the pool in the afternoon and drinking my "oil can" 26 ounce Fosters (3 for $5) , higher alcohol level in beers down here,..5.5%

Hopefully the forums will heat up when training camp begins. Looks like I'm not going to be able to make it to Hamilton this year so going to have to watch CFL on the internet if possible.

I have many friends who are "enjoying" the 40-deg heat, the all-expenses-paid, all-inclusive "paid vacation" for 6 months. They don't get to see bikinis, just burkhas. They don't get to enjoy cold beer, just warm bottled water. They don't get to wear shorts and flip-flops, they have to wear combat dress. The helicopters over them are either a sign of life, or they are shooting at somebody. Some may not return to watch the CFL, most will not be able to watch any games at all.

Go ahead and boast about the good times you are having, but there are over 3000 Canadians right now that cannot enjoy your luxuries.

Im sure if you ask your friends why they are over there they will tell you its so we can enjoy the freedoms we have. There hasnt been anyone in this chatroom say they arent appreciative of our fighting forces.

Agreed, unless it was deleted or something, no one has bashed on the armed forces....nothing wrong in reveling in our luxuries as long as we don't take them for-granted.

On another note, I met one of my buddies long time friends who was training to become a military police officer. We've hung out a bunch of times now and gone out for beers so I thought it would be cool to go up to borden with my buddy and see this guy graduate and get his red beret before going to his post at CFSU in Ottawa. Damn near cried seeing the dedication these men and women have. So sigpig, I know it must be a sensitive subject for you but trust me, most of us know that you guys have balls of steel sir!

and we salute you guys you are doing a great job!! you are preaching to the converted.
I did my time in the Mid-east too, yes it was nothing like what you guys are going through. My time in the Golan was very quiet,(back in the quiet 90s) away from home for a year but compared to what our troops have to go through these days it was luxury.

How did this thread turn into a Military thread? Hmm......

I was just asking why the forums were dead.

Besides... who would want to go to a stinky place like Afghanistan?


It's the off-season.

You should have seen this place during the height of the stadium debate.