The Forums Are Dead: Why?

As a tumbleweed rolls by

These Forums have been dead since I've come back. Infact, if these forums were a Quarterbacks Arm... they'd be Jason Maas!

What happend?

Is it the new login procedure (which sucks worse than the Argos) or have people simply lost interest in Football-Talk?

I haven't even heard a Lumsden bash in a long time. I'm actually surprised that nobody has taken a poll/vote to see which team he'll end up playing 1 game for this year.

I am truly saddend by the lack of traffic. This site is a Zombie town...

Lets come alive people!

stadium fatigue and off season has no meaningful topics. Wait until training camp and the QB or OC or RB controversies will start. Right now we just don't know what to expect from the coaching staff

He right The Stadium Debate tired us all and really the Off Season has been uneventful
Camp will be next big time for this place to take off.

"...which team he'll end up playing 1 game for this year." You're being rather optimistic, aren't you?

Probably just the off-season lull. A bit of a flurry whenever there's an announcment from the team, but other than that, not much to talk about. Even the stadium issues (Hamilton's and Ottawa's) seem to have died down (just waiting on the legal action to start up here.

Plus it's NHL playoff time, so people are probably more focussed on that. Well, not in Leafs Country :lol: , and with Ottawa split almost evenly among Sens, Leafs and Habs ( :thup: ) fans, not that much here either.



Yeah, stadium fatique and NHL playoffs starting up, finally, man the NHL season is long. :roll:

It's the dread time right now. It's that point where it's sunny out and there is potential for football, but still weeks away from the draft/training camp. It's that point where we thank god that the Stanley Cup Playoffs have started, and yet wish they drag out into the May 2/4.

haha yea the season is long, then just when you think your in the home stretch you still got until june before its ALL over, wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy too long of a season

especially when your an avalanche fan... :frowning:

I guess noboby is worried about a healthy JYLES and what he could do for the ARGOS??????????????? :roll:

Don't wish to discuss that, we know only too well unfortunately. I shouldn't say but I think the Argos are true contenders for top spot in the east and who would have thought going into last year. Jyles makes them that much better. If they had an average receiving corps, well, look out.

As I've said before, Braley is the best thing for that team regardless if he owns 2 teams or what have you. Not an issue.

to tell you my honest opinion, i think Barker is fixated on the fact the Lemon is his quarterback and he will lead the that team to greatness

now although i do know this is a ridiculous thought process, I definelty smell a season long quarterback controversy in TO, might even see Dalton Bell get invloved in that equation as well

I think once Barker can see what JYLES can do for him in TC, they willl be starting him in the regular season.
I hate it when we take ten years to be competative , and the ARGOS take TWO! :thdn:

Maybe this news will liven things up.
2011 will be Toronto's year. 2012 Hamilton's.

[url=] ... story.html[/url]

And even so, there will be some fans complaining that this league doesn't have the best players, that there shouldn't be any restrictions on "imports" playing. I say, leave the "import" rule as it is. It makes the league much more interesting as far as I'm concerned. :wink:

Its the March-April doldrums. Too early to get excited about anything yet.
May will be much better.

in the meantime, it's spring finally so here's a great place to go to rejuvenate after hibernation and while you wait for training camp to begin:

Crawford Lake Conservation area (awesome place to spend a day ! )

[url=] ... tario.html[/url]

or, take in the Paris to Ancaster bicycle race this weekend: 8)

Speaking for myself, I've been settling into a new relationship with my ex from ten years ago -- who is now my fiancee. :wink: I haven't had much time to reflect on off-season developments, but I am sure I will be back full-force on this website come training camp!

May cannot come too soon for Canadian football fans. I love the fresh smell of Astro Play in the morning... LOL

Oski Wee Wee,


Congratulations Russ. Is she an Als fan?

Her heart is torn between the Als and the Cats...I got her into football when we first got together.

Back in 2000, she went to a Hamilton-Montreal game at Molson Stadium with me. She was wearing my Cats jersey while I wore my hat and carried a TC flag. Some guy was giving me the gears and she told him off in French.... :wink: LOL

It should be great to follow the upcoming season and many more with her! :smiley:

Oski, Oui Oui!


Very cool. I'm happy for you.

Much appreciated!

P.S. I just told her that my effort to reconvert her to having the Cats as her #1 has begun. We laughed and I told her that it was okay re the Als because they are my second favourite team. However, I noted, if she became a Toronto fan I'd have to reconsider everything. Her words -- the only way she'd be an Argo fan is if she'd have a lobotomy... :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Vive L'Amour!

Oski Wee Wee,