The former Ticats

I find it very funny that all those former Ticats are doing so well at Sasketchewan. I guess that Mr. Desjardin is in way over his head.

Who are you talking about besides Flick?

Imokhai Atogwe, Jamie Boreham, Chris Getzlaf, Corey Holmes, Tim Fleiszer, D.J. Flick, Scott Gordon, Corey Grant, Kahlil Hill, Terrell Jurineack, Airabin Justin, Tad Kornegay, Wayne Smith and Val St. Germain have all donned the Black & Gold.

I am sure that Steve means that they are doing well collectively.

wow...thats alot of x-ticats

even if u take just flick

we seem to be trying hard to improve our receiving core

Flick has 7 td catches this season

out team has 10 td's this season

Receivers aren't the problem, if Flick was still playing with Maas he'd be lucky if he had 1 t.d right now.


Lets be fair here. He also dumped Cheatwood, Cotton, Belli, Vaughn, Ranek, Hitchcock and Morreale. All big names, tough cuts/trades and other then Belli aren't in this league any more.

wtf is the purpose of this thread?

The purpose of this thread is to point out that ALL the players that Desjardin's has traded, cut, etc. were not the problem in Steeltown. The point was made earlier in this thread of where the problem is and that it took a year and a half to recognize it.
This is not to be a thread that busts on Hamilton but to come to the realization that some darned good players have worn the black and gold. Change for the sake of change is not always the answer.

Steve268 for US scout.