The forgotten dynasty?

I was looking over the history of the Super Bowl, getting geared up for the big game… and I noticed something I hadn’t noticed before. People like to talk about how the Steelers were the most dominant team in the 1970’s, and certainly that’s true… but why doesn’t anyone ever talk about the Cowboys? I didn’t know they had so many appearances.

They appeared in the Super Bowl in 1970, won it in 1971, appeared in 1975, won it in 1977, and appeared in it in 1978.

Now, I’m sure if they’d won more than two of their five appearances, people might talk about them more, but come on… I think appearing in the big game 5 times in 9 years deserves a little credit. Especially considering two of the losses came against the Steelers (75 and 78).

would you call the als of the 2000-2009 a dynasty? kinda the same

how about the 65 to 76 sask riders?

if Flutie had finished out his career in TO, they would have been one hell of a dynasty

I wouldn't call the Cowboys of the 70's a dynasty... I just thought it was pretty wild that they were so good in the 70's. When people talk about the 70's, they only ever mention the Steelers, but it seems the Cowboys were pretty good, too. Just not as good as the Steelers (as the 75 and 78 Super Bowls would indicate). If they'd won one more ring, I might argue they could be considered a dynasty. At least then they would've had a winning record in the 70's.

The mention of the modern Als is interesting... They did get a lot of flack for going 1-5 (before last season's Grey Cup), and I was one of the people who criticized them. But I suppose making it to the Grey Cup 7 times in 10 years is pretty impressive. But like the Cowboys, I wish they would've won a couple more games. A 4-3 record would've been a hell of a lot better than a 2-5 record.

actually, I remember the Cowboys from the 70s as much as the Steelers. Got sick of hearing about both teams which is why I dont like both teams till this day. Or any other team from Pittsburg or Dallas.

Actually the Cowboys were considered a dynasty, for years they were considered "America's team."

Maybe you had to grow up during the time then, 'cause I rarely hear people talk about the 70's Cowboys. Only the 90's Cowboys.

could be. even the dallas cheerleaders were more famous than most of the other teams

it seems the dynasty of the cowboys and the steelers were good for football. as was the eskimos. but even though not a dynasty, it seems the als with all the success has not been that good for the east football. thoughts?

ok, get off the table, and move away from the pie.

burned from BC. ouch.

They have lead a resurgance in minor and university football in Quebec for sure! :thup:

People like to talk about how the Steelers were the most dominant team in the 1970's, and certainly that's true... but why doesn't anyone ever talk about the Cowboys?
Definitely not true here in the States Chief, and in particular with anyone over the age of 35 who can remember them in the 1970s not to mention all the Dallas Cowboy hype, which almost matches that of Brett Favre, in the "national" media by those arrogant folks at ESPN from near New York City so long as those teams are in the running for the playoffs or in them.

Take that from me living in the area of the rival city of Philadelphia, though I am a fan of the Indianapolis Colts my hometown.

There is even a Pepsi commercial running now with Cowboy footage from the 1970s. We hear about their damn "legacy" dating back to the 1970s year-in year-out.

You'll hear largely about the 1990s Cowboys online because guess what, most folks online are under 35 and any more via a phone instead of a computer!

Cowboy,s VS Steeler,s = Bradshaw vs Staubach-