The Forgiveness Thread

Here is the press conference from this morning:

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This thread is meant as a compliment to the 'Apology Thread' for those fans like me that after viewing the conference now forgive Charlie et al. Fans like myself that felt burned should watch the video, I've changed my opinion on the situation becasue of it and I bet I'm not the only one.

Paraphrasing Charlie, he said the following at the start of the press conference:

"... I told him as a friend... out of respect ... I agreed that I would listen to what he had to say"

"this started out as a conversation between two long term friends"

OK now THIS makes sense a whole lot of sense. He gets an amazing offer from an old friend out of the blue. Charlie didn't want to burn his old friend and disrespect him, so he said he would entertain the idea not knowing it would get out beyond the two of them. The idea was very appealing to someone in his position and family situation, so he entertained it with his family. The media got ahold of it very prematuraly before it got to a serious phase and ran with it.

I found him to be very straight forward and honest, he has mostly redeemed himself in my opinion. I still don't think he should have entertained the idea while under contract and that he should have just said 'No' and ended things quickly. But by speaking up and facing questions, he could at least give us enough context "straight from the horse's mouth" to help us realize that he's not a jerk (i.e. he was primarily concerned about his family and what's best for them). And he finally apologized to the fans during the press conference for any offence caused by the debacle, which is something I was really looking for since it shows accountability on his part.

I forgive you Charlie, it's all good, now let's get on with the football! Anyone else who agrees feel free to sign in below. :thup:

I really for sorry for the replies you will be getting to this thread.

Sorry Charlie that its a dysfunctional organization and they made you feel unwanted . Glad that they did rehire you, any terms on the new deal? Usually when a team rehires a coach they release the terms dont they?

Great idea for a new thread. I'll join you in offering forgiveness and try to forget about the whole thing. Like a previous post, I also predict a rash of negative responses to your a noble intention.

I believe Charlie was telling the truth, but obviously a big chunk of what happened was conveiniently left out. But whatever, what's done is done and Charlie owes his team a big apology for distracting his team from taking care of business on friday lol.

Its all cool Taaffee. I would have done the same with the exception that I would have answered my phone. Hope things work out for you this year. It will really suck if you get fired and have to watch the UWV win the Fiesta Bowl without you.