"The Fly" leaves this mortal coil

RIP Dave "the Fly" Fleming. :cry: :cry: :cry: :mask:

I believe the picture in the story is Fleming's TD catch in the '72 Grey Cup game at Ivor Wynne Stadium. If you could zoom in on the stands in the background (like with my avatar) you would see a 16-year old Mikefrmthhammer up high in the stands a little left of the light standard. Good times!

Truly a class act.

Good thing was a TD catch; Robinson is clearly committing pass interference, with his left hand grabbing the left shoulder pad. . .

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Dave Fleming was the perfect football player for the Cats . He could play offence and defence like Sutherin, Cohee, and Henley did . I'm sure Coach O could have found him a roster spot . R I P # 21 . May his memory be a blessing .

Pat Lynch

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Back in those days you had to frequently tackle the receiver BEFORE the catch for PI to be called. :smile:

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Yeah, remember when you could block a receiver at the line of scrimmage, and make him run around the defender to get to his pass route. Remember Margine Atkins and Whit Tucker never seeing the ball in some of those old two game total point games. I exaggerate, but good times. :grinning:

Dave Fleming was a workhorse, a proud part of Ti-Cat history.

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You might want to change the title of the thread . Fleming was known as "the Fly" not the "Flea" .

Eric Allen who played for arch rivals Toronto was the one who had "the Flea" as his nickname .

Thanks for pointing that out. Don't get old, as it is no fun.

It was a controversial play, for sure, but not because of that.
The much discussed, back then, issue was whether or not "The Fly" really did get a foot down, in the endzone, inside the sideline. It was ruled a TD and was the only one of the game. Have a look here, where the play starts 4:20 into the video:

I don't know how to do a "slo-mo" on that clip, but it looks to me that if he was in bounds, he was just barely so. One foot definitely down, but hard to see if the whole foot was in bounds or if the toe part of the shoe was on the sideline marker. Can probably thank goodness there was no "video review" in those days?

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From my Bob Uecker seat way up in Section 23 (I think?) it sure looked good to me. Seriously though, from the endzone replay it sure looks like at least most if not all of his left foot was in-bounds. The official had an unobstructed view of the play from 10 to 15 yards away, and he seemed to have no doubt. I also agree, that I am thankful there was no "video review".

#ottawacat Wikipedia says that his foot was definitely out of bounds (ganggreen conspiracy theories anyone) and it also corrects your statement that it was the only TD of the game (unless you meant Ticat TD): " In the second quarter, Saskatchewan tied the game with an 8-yard Lancaster to Tom Campana pass and a 20-yard Jack Abendschan field goal."

I was going on memory, alone, Mike. That says something, doesn't it? I guess what I should have remembered, as being rather unsual in a Grey Cup game, was Sunter's last play FG being the only scoring in the second half. Was it a lovely, sunny day, in early December? Or, have I totally lost it?
By the way, thinking about that game, and also going to Wikipedia, brings up an ugly stat -- That '72 Grey Cup victory was the team's 6th in its first 23 seasons. There have been only 2 more in the following 47 seasons.

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It takes a BIG man to admit to getting older (like me, lol).

It was a lovely sunny very cool Sunday on December 3. (I think it snowed the next day, IIRC). I remember that, as a promotion, they handed out Colts Cigarellos at the game - being a 16-year-old smoker at the time I thought this was great (my last smoke of anything was January 28, 1987). Also George Athans Jr. was part of the half-time entertainment. He was on (water?) skis holding a hang gliding kite being pulled from west to east by a car behind the South Stands (Brian Timmis Stadium). He achieved lift-off and managed to do a 180 turn to enter the stadium over the scoreboard and landed perfectly on the new AstroTurf field (1971).

I too cannot believe the team of my youth has had such a bad record since 1972. It certainly has not been for a lack of trying by Bob and the whole organisation. I firmly believe that, if the 2020 season is played (which does not look promising at this point :disappointed_relieved:) we would finally win one (the first since 1999). It kind of reminds me of 1999 in that we got beaten by the Stumps in 1998 and came back with a vengeance in 1999.

Right you are, Bobo. I do think we also had a "Flea". Ed Buchanan?

I seem to recall Eric Allen playing short stint with the Cats after Toronto.

Unfortunately Wikipedia disagrees with you:

:sunglasses: Good old Dave Fleming was not just one of the toughest players to ever play for the Cats, but he was also the most versatile !!

A little rough around the edges (LOL), but one of the nicest guys you would ever want to meet. He loved the TiCats and was well respected and loved by his team mates.

Too many good old stories to tell here about his escapades during his playing days, but they were what folk lore was made of !!!

Just talking to him at several TiCat Alumni dinners in the last few years, was the highlight of the evening, for sure.

Oh, and yes,Ed Buchanan was called the Flea, and also Dave Buchanan in later years was also called the Flea, when he was a team mate of the Fly , Dave Fleming.

Dave was one of a kind for sure !!

RIP Dave.


I was 18. Couldn't afford tickets. Couldn't see the field from the trees on the Adelaide Hoodless school lot because end zone was packed and trucks were set up there. However, I had my transistor radio and there was a crack in the boards on the Melrose Gate (by Cannon St.) from which I could watch about a third of the field... the East end. And THAT'S the end with the uprights where Sunter's field goal went thru.

SO... my only question is, can I say that I attended the last Cup victory at home?

I think you qualify as long as you saw the field goal live. (It was the ultimate play of course). :grinning: :football: :trophy:

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Thank you, thank you. I did! I qualify!!

Just spent 10 minutes posting in the Council of Geezers on the main board. A young'un wanted to know of any old beer commercials. Getting nostalgic this aft.

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What I will always remember about The FLY is that he caught the winning TD pass against Emonton in the first game at Ivor Wynne Stadium in 1971...they just rebuilt it, had my new seats on the 45 yard line in the new North Stand, and when he scored in the last few seconds, I thought the place was going to collapse....might have 30 years later, but that day, it survived...

Only fan reaction I ever remember being as loud and crazy was when Ozzy kicked the 54-yarder to beat Montreal in the eastern final in '98

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