The fix in on

The CFL will do everything it can to fix the Grey Cup winner. Toronto at home in a city contemplating welcoming the No Fun League. So expect all kinds of interesting calls by the refs to ensure Toronto gets there and wins. The icing on the cake will be when Damon Allen comes on in the second half and wins it for the double blue, then promptly announces his retirement.

Thats a pretty serious accusation.

Apparently George Black sent out a notice that if a coach throws a challenge flag and then changes his mind, it results in a penalty. Yesterday Jake and Pinball decided the rule didn't apply to the blue team.

Ockham, I thought that rule was for when coaches threw the flag on an unchallengeable call just to get a chance to talk to the ref.

I could be wrong though.

The CFL will do everything in its power to make sure the argos are in the Grey Cup.

Sounds like the grassy knoll theorists are at it again. I'm sure the CFL would love to see the Argos in the GC game just as they'd like to see the hometown in the GC game every year--it ensures a good crowd for the game. But actively doing anything to make it happen? Gimme a break!!! If you really thought that the integrity of the league could be corrupted that easily, why bother to watch? It'd be no better than WWE wrestlin'.

An Argo-Cat fan

DUMB STUPID CRAZY AND INSANE, GO BACK INTO THE CAVE YOU LIVE IN AND POST SOMEWHERE ELSE !! … The CFL airs it dirty linens more any any other leauge be that good or bad, this post is a joke !!

Yesterday the league had its hands full forcing all the Winnipeg receivers to drop passes in order to ensure the Argos first place. Head office is currently pushing to develop a force field that will stop field goals in mid-flight - to be unveiled during the Grey Cup, but only if it's a close game.

Also if the fix was on, would Belli have been kicked out of the game for punching a Bomber in the “nether region”? I don’t think so, the officials would have looked the other way.

Conspirator’s of the CFL unite.

I would love to have seen how the league woulda made sure hamilton was in the cup if the cup was in hamiltion this yr.

With how well the blue team's defence has played this year I'm starting to wonder if some super-natural forces are at work. Or maybe it's just good coaching.

some guy bet satan his soul that the argos would not win :twisted:

Easy, FYB... you know all those bogus calls that were directed toward Hamilton' way? They wouldn't have called them!!

Just kiddin'... Just acting like a typical Ticat fan. In all honesty, there's only one game that Hamilton lost because of a bad call. That's the game against Edmonton where the Eskie had his hands all over Baumann on the last play of the game and PI wasn't called.

First BC game to... That one we got robbed magnificently on.

You might be on to something here. Do you remember our game in Regina? When the Cats were driving down the field and the skies opened up with rain and hail. By the time the Riders got the ball back the skies were blue again.

There’s a certain Twilight Zone feel dveloping on this thread. I like it myself. The reality is too hard to accept. :slight_smile:

An Argo-Cat fan

Rediculous statement ... the League NEED NOT do anything but WATCH the BEST team in the East make it to the Cup on the MERITS of SUPERIOR DEFENSE and the GREAT ARM of Bishop.


Ok I admit it......I was behind the Grassy Knoll.

Dilithium crystals!!!!

remember i told you along time ago the WWE bought the cfl and we are now watching scripted entertainment. the ticats aren't going to win the greycup until 2009,