The first (and last?) Tiger-Cat West crossover thread, 2006

Tonight’s Argo win likely changes the miracle math for the Cats if they are to make the playoffs this year. Barring a back-to-back rout scenario to win the Ballard Cup, the Argos would still have a tiebreaker advantage over the Cats come the end of the season.

I can’t see the Cats getting in the playoffs…we can’t even put two wins together, let alone winning a game to start such a streak these days, it seems.

Having said that, the only other way the Cats would pull off the improbable if they don’t run the table would be to qualify as a West crossover berth.

Questions: if such a scenario held true (the odds being as much as Pluto being re-admitted as a planet in my lifetime LOL), what team do you think we would face / would want to face?

Oski Wee Wee,

If we crossed over it would probably be Calgary..Maybe!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm guessing we'd have to play against BC to get to Calgary.