The Final Wynne

Great video put together by
We better win tonight so the season doesn't end like this...

Nice video. I felt the same was hard to leave the ol' girl. The weather may have been cold and rainy but the emotions were warm and comforting.

The stadium was symbolic of Hamilton - nothing fancy but full of character. You couldn't get sushi at IWS; it was a beer and hotdogs kinda place. Opposing teams didn't like to play here, heck you can't blame them, there wasn't any hot water in their showers.

Like some of the people in the video said, we'll miss IWS but time moves on. Today is a much different sports market than 1930's. There will be new challenges but hopefully the new stadium will exceed them and serve the team and community for years to come - just like the former.

Will have to watch it Mak.

I feel very fortunate to have been able to attend this final regular season game at historic IWS and I'm sure those that were there felt the same. I can't imagine if I was born and raised in this city how much more I'm sure I would have felt fortunate but I think that definitely would have been the case. I think the rain and inclement weather added to the feel on that final day.