The Final Word

The CFL rules are clear. If an offensive player and a defender touch the ball at the same time, the ball is given to the offensive player. In the mimisecond of the time the ball was punched out by the Ti Cat both players were touching the ball at the exact same time.The ball was jointly touched by the offensive player and the defensive player at exactly the same minisecond- there is no other possibility!

we need a new thread for this?

Sure. The word "mimisecond" is deserving of it on its own merits, don't ya think?

Definition of Mimi-second:

That horrible feeling you get when you realise last night’s pick-up looks like Mimi (ala Drew Carry Show)

Sortta like watching that long pass connect in the last minute of the game.

We got robbed!!!! the refs should have had a huddle, decided the existing rule was unfair(its not) and might upset some ticat fans and coaches and radio personalities and came up with a new rule on the spot giving hamilton the ball on the saskatchewan one yard line. Then everyone would be happy. Why arent the refs allowed to change rules on the spot if the fans think the NFL rule is better? its just not fair I tell ya.

So you're saying the call could have gone our way if we had a pro wrestling ref doing the game?

The Final Word.....It's second and two....we got the ball with one minute and thirty seconds left...two plays to get two yards and the game's as good as over...we didn't get it done...That's the final word! :cowboy:

The final final word