The Final Week of this 2019 Regular Season

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The #Ticats will rest players for their reg-season finale against the #argos. I’d expect Dane Evans to be one of them (you probably already expected that too). #CFL[/b][/i]
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If this tweet, from a Toronto based writer, is true, I'm not, now, surprised by its content. But, I was more surprised that this plan wasn't followed last weekend in Montreal, with a plan to have our starters back on the field for this week, in front of the hometown fans, vs. Toronto.

As it appears it will be, the starters, in this period after wrapping up first place during their last bye week, will have played vs. Ottawa, then played in Montreal, then see no action for 21 days before hosting the Eastern Final.

Wouldn't it have been a better plan to have played vs. Ottawa, rested at Montreal, then start and, at least, play some vs. Toronto, then see no action for 14 days?

21 straight days of not facing another team. They'll be rested, for sure. Too rested, maybe?

Another final week note of interest, is the likelihood of Trevor Harris not playing for EDM @ SSK.
SSK would now have to be heavy favourites to wrap up first place out West.

Argos -12.5
Sask - (7.5)

Vegas literally handing out money this week

Who would have bet on the Riders finishing first in the West ?

Love it !

TiCats made a few roster moves on Tuesday:

Tyrell SuttonandNick Shortillhave been put on theInjuredList.
National OLBrett Golding, who dressed for games 7 & 8, has beenactivated.
American OLTrevon Tate, here on the PR for 3 months, has beenactivatedfor his first pro game.
National OLJoel Van Pelt, released from thePRa week earlier, isback on it.
National LB,Lukas Korol, who played 5 games, and released from thePR, most recently, on Oct.8th is alsoback on it.

Source:Transactions - Football Player Trades and Signings -

I hope they don’t overuse Speedy B in the last game for personal records and MOP stats with the

playoffs more important for the Team…

Burnham would need 20 more catches, 150 more yards, and 4 more TDs to surpass what Speedy has now. Begelton would need 17 more catches, 154 more yards, and also 4 more TDs to finish better than Brandon, even if Banks sits out the last game.

Kudos to idealsheldon over on the MTL forum

:o :o :oto the 2nd item!

Some of Kirk Penton’s The Insiders Say:


• When we went to Edmonton with Chris (Jones), Paul Jones told us not to listen to (Ed) Hervey. Said he would talk shit about everyone that was there before. That’s what he did. Any problem was because of somebody else — not him. Now we’ll see if Hervey does it again. If the heat is on in B.C., will he throw Clay (DeVone Claybrooks) under the bus or the assistants?

• He deserves to be a head coach, but I hope Edmonton doesn’t take Tommy (Condell) away from us.

• We need to find a guy who plays with the nasty that (Greg) Reid does.

• Everyone keeps speculating that (Mike) O’Shea will end up as the head coach in Toronto. There is no more unlikely a duo than he and John Murphy. At the end of the day, it’s tough to picture them as a good fit, and O’Shea is smart enough to know it.

• With the problems the league has in Toronto and B.C., we can’t fuck up Montreal. It’s fun to go there again. The crowd is really into it. It’s packed and loud and reminds me of when I played. Whoever is making the decisions over there (Montreal) needs to give Khari (Jones) the money he wants, a good GM, and anything else he wants before he goes to Winnipeg or Edmonton or Toronto.

• Khari Jones and Craig Dickenson have to be the coach of the year candidates. Amazingly, both of them could have been in B.C. Ed (Hervey) fired Khari and declined to interview Craig. Instead he hired (DeVone) Claybrooks, who put together an incredibly unprepared and inexperienced staff. Not sure where it goes out there, but this season was a disaster for the Lions.

• Jason (Maas) will be the head coach over there (in B.C.) next year.

• If Edmonton loses in Montreal, you’d have to imagine that Jason Maas will be on the hot seat. If he gets let go, it would make sense to see him end up back in B.C. with Ed (Hervey).

• Two things about the Eskimos. They’re always either five or seven man pressures. After a few weeks, the data showed us how predictable they were. The other thing is double move the Eskimos, and they’re in trouble. They can’t cover, so they have to be over aggressive.

• We’re out of it, so our young gossipers are on the phones. (Mike) O’Shea to the Argos. Khari (Jones) to Winnipeg. ET (Eric Tillman) and (Paul) LaPolice to Halifax, if they get a team. (Ryan) Dinwiddie to Ottawa as OC so the Redblacks can get No. 9 (Nick Arbuckle) in free agency. Jason Maas fired. (Rich) Stubler and Jarious (Jackson) out as co-ordinators (in B.C.), replaced by Benny (Mike Benevides) and Maas.

More than one of our coaches will be considered for head coaching jobs next year. That is the inevitable reality of coaching a team into a powerhouse.

Condell and Mark Washington will both probably be head coaches in the CFL within five years, IMO.

And fans on the Montreal forum are also viewing Hamilton’s assistant coaches Melvin and Craig Butler as potential hires as a new DC in Montreal should their current DC be fired at season’s end.