the final nail in Kelly's coffin as HC of Winnipeg

Hello ? Blueblood ? hello ?

I wonder who sold him out ?

Board having an emergency meeting tonight and will have an announcement in the morning.

Bombers will get a fresh start !

Good Riddance to Bauer. As for Kelly, where are his supporters now. The people who called me out all season. I hope you are all happy now. The damage and reputation to the club will take many years to erase. The man is a joke and a has been.

Oh my, what a predicament, but not surprising that it would end on such a note.

Maybe fired as early as tonight.

Doesn't matter who is the coach is, your not a real fan and never have been. You have already been exposed as a fraud !

For the record the Board is going to get all the facts in before making a decision. It doesn't change the fact the Bombers can't afford to have 3 head coaches on the payroll. If kelly does get fired, that's fine as long as the Bombers have somebody credible to take over. Please not Higgins !

The only fraud is you. You have supported this man all season.

Upsetting news to say the least. As a football coach, I supported him. I think he had the team going in the right direction and next season would have been much different. This is different. It's an allegation that has not been proven in a court of law. However I've been critical of the Riders for not firing Eric Tillman. I've been critical of the Als for not releasing Dahrran Diedrick*. I'm not a hypocrite. I can no longer support the return of Mike Kelly.

*I haven't read your posts HfxTC (you're on my foe list) but I can just imagine what you're saying. If I were you though I wouldn't get all high and mighty considering the aforementioned Diedrick situation.

You don't know much about Footbal kasps. Kelly should have been gone long ago it should not have come to this. Fans like you are part of big problem in Winnipeg.

Enough of the 'I told you so' folks.

Nobody saw this one coming, so let's leave it at that.

Depending on what it says in his contract it is possible that Kelly could be fired and the Bombers not be on the hook for his salary (ie morals clause). Also as long as charges are pending, Kelly can't cross the border. If he still can't cross the border when he is required to be in Winnipeg then the Bombers could be off the hook for his contract that way.

You finally got something right sanjay, I'm a fan and your not a fan, but a TROLL !
Why haven't you mentioned a possible replacement for Kelly ? Oh yeah, forgot ,that would be talking football,something you no nothing about.

YOU'RE FIRED !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Before calling anyone else an idiot, you might want to learn to spell the word "you're". . .

I think the Board is going to jump on this pretty quickly, release Kelly and I expect they'll find a way out of paying him off. My guess is the fact that they are already paying Doug Berry not to coach is one of the reasons they were prepared to hold their collective noses and keep Kelly on. Not anymore, I suspect.


I told you before I did not learn english in this country. So stop making fun of that. Not first time you brought up.

I'm pretty certain that all CFL contracts (especially post Trevis Smith, probably years before) contain morality clauses. Problem is, the CFL has an innocent until proven guilty, and this could be months and months before it's settled. I feel your pain my football brothers, I feel your pain. I think the only thing you can pray for right now is that he resigns, before he gets canned.

I was NOT being critical of you sanjay, that was not posted with regards to anything that you had posted,it was to tc23.