The Final Minute - vs. Ottawa Nov. 1/15

While there is certainly lots to discuss and complain about, I can’t believe that I can’t find, an hour or more post game, anywhere in any of today’s threads, anybody questioning what went on the final minute of this first game in a two-game total-point series to decide first place.

0:53 left in the game - Cats try (???) on 3rd & 9 from their own 12, heading into a strong wind - Mathews throws another off target incompletion and only a Roughing the Passer call saves a 4th Hamilton turnover and steals Ottawa’s chance to start 1st & 10 at the Hamilton 12. That got us a 1st down, but that play may have cost us our current starting QB.

Then, if that wasn’t crazy enough, they do it again (???), trying on 3rd & 4 from their own 31 yd. line, with 19 sec. left. That time, even with a cold, off the bench QB, they succeeded and saved giving Ottawa another decent chance at heading with home with a two-TD lead in the series.

The thinking should have been just what it would be with seconds left in the first half of a single game – It’s unlikely we can score, so keep them from scoring and get in the room, without losing by more.

It appeared that the Hamilton coach’s thinking was what it would be in a single game scenario final minute of the 4th Quarter.

The Cats a very fortunate to be heading to Ottawa down only 6 with 60 minutes to go.

Ottawa is very fortunate to be up by 6 after this game..... Mathews was in a forward throwing motion that was deemed a fumble, rather than an incomplete pass.....

Lmao the game wasnt lost because of that one play. The cats O played like garbage the whole game. Thats where the game was lost.

The only thing I can think of is that Austin figured that even punting it away, the Redblacks probably still would have scored. By risking giving them the ball that close in, there would have been time left for us after the Redblacks scored to try to put our own points on the board. But yes, it did seem bizarre.


Where did I say that??

Learn to read... :roll: :roll:

You missed my post on page 14 of the game thread.

I thought it was a strange decision by Austin, and we were very lucky Ottawa didn't get the ball back and score another 3 or 7 points. Chances of putting together a 109 yard drive at that point - or even a 75 yard drive to get within field goal range - were pretty slim. Then again, a punt probably puts Ottawa in scoring range as well. My vote would have been to try and run out the clock.

Drew asked Austin about it in the post-game scrum, and he said it was a stupid question. "Did it cost us?"

That fumble cost us three points. The "illegal block" that wasn't cost us seven points. But no, those two plays didn't cost us to lose the game by six points.

I did miss, and have since looked up, your comment questioning the decision and whether the coach realized this is a two-game series. Apologies for not giving you credit for the first posted observation on this topic. I also saw the post-game scrum video and, I think deep down, that he knows it wasn't .... the question ..... that was stupid.

That did give the OTTRBs a very short field an d FG and kept us from keeping a possible scoring drive going.

and that did give them an extra 3pts in this 2 game total point series... it could be a huge deciding factor in the next game!

Hey guys, from our perspective in the stands and from the replays, I and my seatmates couldn't fault the refs on this one. It was a pick-em call and on replay there wasn't clear evidence to overturn it, in our opinion.

No one is faulting the refs..... command centre shit the bed on this one... it was CLEAR

I admire, and congratulate, Caretaker for his tweet --"Apologies on behalf of Coach. @Ticats should not let him talk to media after loses. His frustration is obvious," sent in response to a fan, who tweeted him about the Coach's post game response to being questioned on those final minute decisions -- "As a season ticket holder I expect more from our coach than exhibited in this video;" . @scratchingpost

Seems day wefs and the wind are always against us in the 4th quarter. Dah field was put in in the wrong direction and place.

drew asked a very legit question,,,,sometimes I wonder if kent is even in tune with scenarios and clock management,,,this aint the 1st time.

He wanted to win the game there has been times in history when a last ditch effort to win has succeded .If he had punted the crowd would have been booing them off the field .I Persoally preferred them going after the win .Every coach in this league would have done the same thing .Doesn't matter what the point dif is if our QB connot control the game we dont have a chance 6 points could be 1

Except this is really more like halftime. Would anyone have complained if we had punted in the same situation with the same amount of time left in the second quarter? Sure it's nice to win. But in this case, winning the two-game total point match-up is more important. So risking that for the off-chance of winning the first game is not the wise decision.

But there may have been some strategic thought that went into the decision, such as what I suggested earlier. I certainly hope so, that he wasn't just going for the win at all cost.

Kent should have waited a while longer before facing the media. It's obvious he was upset about the game....and with Mathews. Heck he should have waited until this morning if he had to.

As far as I am concerned Drew's question was not anything out of the ordinary.....but it should have been. Austin needed to be held accountable for the awful play calling and for keeping Mathews in the game for so long. If Kent is going to get upset at being second-guessed it may as well be for a direct question that every fan wants to know about.
Other than admitting Harris may start next week the newser was a waste of time. We (and the media) got nothing out of it....other than how upset and snarky Austin was.

There was an alternative to going for it or punting: and that was running out the clock, no harm no foul. Probably not an option the first time we went for it on third down (the penalty-assisted play), but it would have been an option after that with three downs at our disposal.

If it was possible to repeat that scenario 100 times with the identical conditions and personnel (i.e. we start a drive from the 1 yard line against the wind with a minute or so left and play 3-down ball no matter what), I think you'd get results something like this:

  • No additional scoring plays: 20-30 times
  • Ottawa scores more points: 60-70 times
  • Hamilton scores more points: 5-10 times (a very generous estimate)

It all comes down to probabilities.

On the first third-down attempt, the options were either punt or go for it. Medlock's punts against the wind were going about 20-25 yards, so punting would have given the Redblacks the ball at our 32-37, well within field goal range, with less than a minute left. The Redblacks probably would have killed the clock for a couple of plays and gone for the field goal. Had we turned the ball over, they probably would have run the ball a couple of times - and our defence probably would have held them, given our previous performance - and then kicked a field goal. So if we punt, they run the clock out and get the field goal. If we go for it an fail, same result; but at least with that option, there's a possibility of keeping the ball. So maybe not such a bad decision after all. That time.

On the second attempt, the options were to punt, go for it, or give up trying to score a couple of plays earlier and kill the clock. If they had punted, the Redblacks would have gotten the ball around midfield with maybe 15 seconds left - not likely to score from there. Go for it and miss, they get the ball around the 32, probably getting a field goal. So worst case, the Redblacks score three points. Of those options, I probably would have gone with the punt, as I wouldn't have wanted to give up too early but also wouldn't have wanted to give them a chance for easy points.

Of course, on both attempts, Austin may have expected to be able to make the underneath play, given that the Redblacks were in prevent mode. Which worked on the second attempt. We were extremely lucky on the first.