The Final Jamie Boreham Thread. Period.

Jamie Boreham threads are getting old. I don't blame anyone because I too am guilty of keeping them alive.

So this is the last thread that I will respond to (or create) in regard to Jamie Borehams kicking "skills".

I leave this debate with these last words...

Jamie Boreham is not a good kicker.

It's good to think that this libelling will eventually die out.

JB came back to the team on very short notice last week because Myers reputedly had a groin obviously coaching/mgmt did not have confidence in either Myers or Fleming above their belief in Boreham. Sorry, that's both history and professional judgement, and against all odds, the team won with that call.

Scragging Jaimie Boreham, which appears your personal hobby horse, won't change that fact..that the team had confidence in reactivating him in a key game, and the team was right.

That the team was not caused to ask the FG kicker to produce some 55 or even 47 yd miracle kick in the chancey winds of Canad Inn stadium is to the credit of the rest of the team, that cracked through the Red Zone and scored the TDS...

JB booted the kickoff balls better than anyone else on the team roster could have, and gave both ST's and the D the chance to make this last game a Win.

The weeping, wailing and hair-pulling acts that fans such as yourself put up against individual players such as Boreham, in spite of the professional management of the team (tell us you can do better than Lancaster, and try to get hired!) is beyond belief.

Suck it up and find us all a positive, like a very young and unemployed Lou Passaglia, before you need to dump all these negatives on us!

Thank goodness we can now either lock this thread or abandon the issue, or just get past the complaining and name calling...