The Final Four

Who do you want to see smash heads in Edmonton? What's the match-up for the GC gonna' be?

For my answer, see my signature. I know you all love the sig. 8) :rockin:

i can totally see a grey cup rematch. The riders still have a bitter taste in their mouth lingering from last November. If that were to happen, it could quite possibly be the most anticipated Grey Cup game ever! :smiley:

Pretty much since the mid-point of the season, I've been thinking it will be a 2008 Grey Cup rematch.
Having said that I'll be pulling for the underdog argos. Simply because I like to see some variety.

Since 2004 a different team has won the Grey Cup each year. Not bad for an 8 team circuit.

On paper, Montreal - Calgary. Best two teams in the regular season. I'm going to stick my neck out and say it will be Toronto - Saskatchewan. Riders have beat Burris 3 times in a row in the playoffs and Montreal has looked very average this year while Toronto, despite the worst offense in the league, keeps finding new and stranger ways to win.

Toronto 27 Saskatchewan 23 (Since I'm picking the longshot I might as well stick with my Argos in the big game)

I have another stat but I won't jinx my riders. If they win I'll mention it after the big game. Fate is on our side, I hope!

Well, my All-Braley Grey Cup is dead ( :cry: ), so I'll go with Stamps and Argos with the Argos winning. :thup:

Riders vs. Alouettes rematch, Riders win.

Als have 13 men on the field.

If there is a football god and he/she has a sense of humour, yes the Als have 13 men and the Riders win. :cowboy:

2nd and 5 Al's, Calvillo back to pass and it's knocked down.But wait!
Riders have 13 men on the field, the games tied at 24 and the Al's now have first and 10 inside the 20 with about a minute left.Calvillo back to pass, and it's picked off by James patrick, he dances around and finally goes down.Riders take it to OT.Riders have the first possession but can only muster up a FG.Now it's MTL's turn.Calvillo passes, first down Al's at the 4 yard line!It looks like the Al's have this one in the bag.Calvillo hands off to Cobourne and he loses the football!!!!!!!!!Who's on it?!?!?Still waiting for a call..... SSK has it!!!SSK has it!!!The SSK Roughriders have won the 98th grey cup, the 4th in franchise history!Oh my!! :rockin:

I'm doubtful.........but THATA BOY!!!!

Something tells me there is almost no chance the Argos would score 28 points in a championship game. I mean what are the chances they'll kick 9 field goals?

I'm gonna go with (IMHO) the two best teams: Montréal and Calgary, with the Stamps taking it by 3. GO STAMPS.

VERY optimistic Argo fan. And I did say I'm sticking my neck out.................waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay out. 8)

Prefontaine is one of the best FG kickers in the league, he can kick 5 easily, Owens returns a missed field goal for a TD and Boyd runs one in, 29 points. :rockin: Aaaaaarrrrrrrrgggooooooooooooooooooooooooosssss!