The Final Five.

These are the names revealed to a focus group earlier tonight, according to Tim Baines of the Ottawa Sun.

Ottawa CFL group considering Nationals, Raftsmen, RedBlacks, Rush and Voyageurs.

if this is so, and it has to be one of them, I would vote Nationals.

My pick no question is Raftsmen.

Likewise. Actually, it's the only one I remotely like. The others are words that nobody uses or that mean nothing.

Does not matter what anyone thinks. They've already picked the RedBlacks.

I'm fine with any of those except Rush! Am surprised Rivermen didn't make it! :smiley:

My favourite being RedBlacks! 8)

RedBlacks is probably the more "in your face" type name and toughest sounding, smack-downish sort of thing as well, I think, but I personally like Voyageurs albeit it's not really tough, but then neither is Ducks or Penguins. :?

I cannot believe that Redblacks is actually being seriously considered. Horrible, horrible name.

Out all of those I actually like Rush the best, but I guess that's me being the target, young demographic they want :lol:

If not that since everybody else hates Rush, I like Raftsmen.

I think they will pick redblacks. Personally my choice would be Voyageurs. Nationals is generic but could work too.

Rush is fine, I would have preferred the Rebels but I can see how that might be too close in meaning to Renegades.

I think the RedBlacks is horrible. Might as well go all the way and call them the Crimson Negros.

I agree with the article, the RedBlacks makes a lot of sense. Rolls off the tongue better than the other names!

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I don't even know where people begin to get this notion. If team colours were purple and gold and they selected a name that specified "reds" or "blacks" I could understand, but in no way, shape or form does the RedBlacks name have anything to do with race. That is completely absurd. The context is quite clear.

Definitely one of the problems with today's political correctness b/s. There is absolutely no racist angle to RedBlacks!

Playing the race card is a bit over the top.

The New Zealand All Blacks' aren't, Tristan Black is, and Ted White wasn't.

That said I don't care for the name. Dislike "nationals" even more. I'd vote Voyageurs.

The name is not racist in any shape.

That's for sure, I don't get how anyone could think RedBlacks is racist to be honest. :?

Can anyone tell me why there is an S in Black. Blacks with an S is a name. The Red Blacks/Negros. Les Rouges Noirs. Racist! OK if RedBlack.


negro is Spanish for black it isn’t racist in itself just like black isn’t racist in itself but. Why did you think it was ?
But thank you for proving my point… Hunt compares it to the Rouge et Or. but the right comparison would be The RedGold.

I feel for Hunt. Hopson and the Riders put him in an impossible situation and he’s trying to make the best of it. Much props to him for attempting to convince the BOG to reconsider last week but they are being dicks.

Anyway RedBlacks is what he picked we’ll hope he’s right and people get conditioned to like it. Starting at a 90 percent disapproval is too bad. You would hope fans would be excited about the first contact they will have with their football team.

I'm listening to CFRA radio on the internet this morning, it's "venting" Thursday and callers can talk about anything they want.
Everyone wants to comment and complain about "Redblacks" looks like not too many people in Ottawa want the Redblacks or any other name on the short list.

As the host said "what will the crowd chant"??? GO BLACKS GO or GO REDS GO ???
One of the best suggestions this morning was "The Rampage"