The Final Cut

It’s that time, who do you keep and you do you cut?

For me, Lamar, Brown and Colcough have made the team.

Volcy, Gable and Hilton are getting the shears.

Your thoughts?

Joel Figeuroa is a keeper.. couple penaltys against the peg but he looked great! :cowboy:

I think Volcy gets cut but Gable to PR and LEONG goes ...Hilton or McCree get cut and other goes to PR
Breaux, Amrheim, Daly , Rosamoinda, Robinson ,Scott get cut

the players they are likely discussing are :

Laurence , Bussey, Harris, e DAVIS
Singletary , obiora , MARSHALL
Dile, Figueroa ,

They keep Walker & Gable at RB with Lamar as a DI.

Volcy is in tough to make it but I think he makes the 55 as a PR guy.

Lawrence and Harris make it. On the 46. Bussey & Davis cut.

Marshall PR or IR. the others have already been cut.

Figueroa makes the 46. Actually think he starts next week. Dile own the suspended list.

Masoli gets cut.

I understand that keeping 3 backs will be tough on the ratio, but having watched his returns and seen some video, courtesy of Drew Edwards, I’m convinced that Lindsey Lamar is the real deal.

I appreciate that it was during the exhibition season, but still to show that well that quickly means something. After all, once the offense and the special teams have had time to really gel, the results may be even better!! We MAY have the replacement for Chris Williams, and to have that kind of speed and elusiveness in the backfield, along with Chevon Walker should make for some great mismatches against the other teams’ linebackers.

I would agree with most of the other assessments.

I am now starting to get excited about the upcoming season. Orlando Steinauer has this defense not only developing an aggressive attitude, but also CREATING TURNOVERS. Jeff Reinebold has created a good special teams unit and that’s not easy with new players coming and going, changing roles…I was skeptical of these two hires, but I am glad and relieved to see that I could be wrong.

Joel Figueroa's Agent tweeted this last night and Figueroa himself retweeted it..

Congrats to my client @jfig305 making the active roster for the @Ticats and the starting Rt tackle position....#proudagent #cfl
As a HUGE Miami Hurricanes fan I couldn't be any more excited for Joel Figueroa on not only making the team but winning the starting job. I said it in the first week of training camp and again after the first pre-season game, this guy is a keeper!

Where does it say JFig won a starting job?
Has Dile been released??

Courtesy of Drew Edwards of the's the final decisions...

[b]The Ticats have made their roster moves... but there's another shoe to drop.

First here's the moves.

The following players have been added to the roster:
IMP DT Torrey Davis (from suspended list)
IMP OL Marc Dile (from suspended list)
IMP DB Terrance Parks

The following players have been released:
IMP QB Chris Amrhein
IMP DB Emanuel Davis
IMP WR Justin Hilton
NIP WR Simon Le Marquand
IMP WR Eric McCree
IMP DE Eze Obiora
IMP DE Donovan Robinson
IMP LB Nick Rosamonda
IMP DE Matt Singletary

The following players have agreed to join the practice roster:
IMP DB Raymond Brown
NIP LB Phillippe Dubuisson-Lebon
NIP OL Mike Filer
IMP DB Erik Harris
IMP DB Arthur Hobbs
IMP WR Lyle Leong
NIP DB Harold Mutobola
NIP OL Landon Rice
IMP WR Ouslet Volcy

The following players have been suspended:
NIP DB Michael Daly

So what's left: the injured list. By my count, the Ticats still have 61 players on their roster, which means 15 players are going on the one-game or nine-game injured list.
But still, there's no surprises here, no big veteran names getting the axe.[/b]

Not sure what Brown could have done more.... surprised to see him not make the roster

I wish I had the game on TSN on demand to rewatch and see if Brown maybe missed some coverages that Winnipeg didn't pickup on. There's got to be a reason Parks is getting the nod over him. This will be a player we'll be calling to have put in if the defence falters.

I'm really surprised they kept Volcy on the practice roster after his fumble and then near fumble return. Also with how many times he lost yardage on his returns.

Eric McCree and Justin Hilton doesn't surprise me at all as we have ample depth at receiver. Nor does Amrhein, as there just isn't room for 5 QBs. I guess for the same reason Nick Rosamonda is getting let go to, I mean, Jamal, Knowlten and Bowman are proven, and Colcough and Bussey have shown their stuff.

Can't another team pluck Brown off of our practise roster at any time?

That would be a real lose.

They could try, but the 'Cats would just have to activate Brown to retain his rights.

What happens if the other team puts Brown on their active roster before we have a chance to activate him ourselves??

If somebody claims Brown we then need to activate him to the live roster or release him to the claiming team.

The story of this year's camp has to be Greg Ellingson.

A "who?" signing but comes to camp and basically takes a job away from the early camp favourite Hilton , who didnt help himself later on, and becomes a starting receiver . Gotta love that. Kudos to DMAC scouting dept. too.

If there's anyone to "hype" going into this season its him, imo.