The Final Curtain Call, for the Fans!

Suggestion to the CFL

Create a ‘Bring Back Old Coot’ sub league.

Each team signs former good + fan favourite players who played for them at one time, but retired after moving on to another team.

Teams will have only regular season games and they will be scheduled to coincide with their parent club.

They will play a 30 minute game (non stop time) starting 1 hr prior to CFL game. No team will be declared the winner after 30 minutes.

Each team will be permitted only 20 players, creating a necessity for teams to sign 2 old old 2 way players.

Ticket prices will include a $2.00 surcharge to assist growth in the ‘Mosca and friends’ former CFL players pension plan.

All players and coaches of main game will be required to watch the sub league game, enabling today’s CFL players to learn a thing or 2, and also encourage coaches to make lineup changes before their game and insert players from the sub game into the big show for the day.

All players must hang around after the completion of 30 minutes to participate in a special 5 minute overtime game at the halftime of the big game. The home team will be permitted to win. After all, it’s not really a great game day experience unless the home team wins in overtime. And this arrangement will guarantee a competitive league. (in the standings anyways)

All new favourite players are to be signed each year. (all fans will sooner or later be treated to seeing their own favourite home town player, ONCE MORE! yipeeee!)

Have I missed any needed rules?

PS Salary Cap - $9,000 $25./game/man. NO bigshot salaries!