The Fighter Jets

Firstly, couuld someone who knows clarify were they F-16's or F-18's?

Secondly, how do we get them to do a double flybye like they did, before every single game? They were awesome! Probably the best part of the whole night. I could never get tired of watching that.

Devourer 8)

That wave was pretty awesome

CF 18's as they were from Canada's armed forces.

yea the second time they came around they we friggin loud man

Canada doesn't have any F16's, so unless Bob Young has some really great buddies with the United States Air Force, and/or the Cdn government that would allow the USAF to overfly the country, its reasonable to presume they'd be CF18's...

Actually I think that they do allow overflights under the NORAD defence agreement. Canadian fighters would have the same authorization to overfly US territory as well.

Zamp needs to brush up on his planes.. I heard him call them F-14

Awesome just plain Awesome..

nothing else needs to be said.

I thought I had read somewhere they were F-14s but I could be wrong . Anyhow it was neat when they did the second pass .

Ya the second pass was the best. The first one was expected so it was neat but he second one was loud and cool. Nice touch

8) Without question, the highlight of the whole evening !!!!!

and THAT is just sad!!

They were CF-18 Hornets from 425 "Alouette" Squadron, 3 Wing, Bagotville Quebec.

The second pass was awesome because they lit the after-burners, climbed and rolled.

And then the game started....say no more....

They were definetly CF-18's

If only the hype of the CF-18''s flybys continued onto the field..

This was definitely the best of any side
game entertainment I have seen lately.
The 2nd fly-by was awesome!

I actually heard them around my house (ottawa&limeridge) damn loud :smiley:

They were CF-18 Hornets from 425 "Alouette" Squadron, 3 Wing, Bagotville Quebec.

Yeah, that second fly by gave me goose bumps!

:thup: cf18

"support our troops"
Its time to Bring back the Hamilton airshow

By the fourth quarter I was hoping they would fly by again and drop a bomb on my head.