The Favourite or the Underdog?

Would you rather be the First place club for an Eastern or Western Final, and have the "Cross Hairs" constantly on you? Or would you rather be that 2nd place underdog, 2-4 points behind? Is there more pressure as the 1st place club to win it all?

Remember the string of years in the Western Confrerence when finishing first ended up losing more Western Finals than winning?

Check your poll and give me a reason!

I would rather be the underdog but only if I knew the team was good enough but for some reason hadn't played to their potential. That way, I would have nothing to lose since we would be expected to lose but a win shocks everyone.

In the CFL anyone can win on any given day but to be counted out and win would be sweet.

I want my team to draw a respectful fear from opponents. I want to go sit in MY stadium and expect nothing but a win. The moments of expectation before the game are as good as the game itself when you expect a win. And if we have to lose, let it be because our opponent found the best there was in themselves and had to pull an upset on us. That way, I'll end up saying: "Just wait till we meet you again next year..."

.....normally I would want to be the favourite, good place to be....this year however I would rather see my team finish 2nd in the west because of the last week bye, finishing first would mean they would sit for three weeks between games, way too long to wait.....

I have no idea what it's like to be the favourite, as I've been a rider fan my whole life.... so, without knowing what it's like when you're sposed to win a game, I'm going with liking the underdog spot.

gotta go with the underdog! cuz I don't like the favoite as they usallly talk smack and how they will win to make other teams hate them.

42monkey, I really love your candid take on life ! :stuck_out_tongue: :thup:

I’d like to be the faourite since this means that our team has been playing better probably than the underdog and you always prefer to be winning and doing things correctly. Wanting to be the underdog all the time to have to get that motivation to perform is arse backwards type of thinking for me.

But Earl, there's no way your team will ever be the favourite this season, so you might as well try to find the positive in being the underdog...

Oh, in fact, if you kill the Argos this weekend and the Esks pull out another stinker, you could in fact be the favourite to win next week. That would be a moral victory wouldn't it?

Thats really poor scheduling and unfair to you guys. Here's a thought. Why didn't the schedule maker have last years last place teams get the bye? Its a pretty big turn around (Not impossible) to go from last to first. Then you would reduce the chance of what Calgary might happen.

I love being the underdog. If you lose, its no big deal, as it's expected. If you win, everyone gets pumped up!

esks123, first I would like to say I am glad you stopped by. Missed your posts. You are right Calgary played underdog all last year. If they lost it was no big deal but if your team runs the table (example: BC last year, Montreal this year) and is defeating everyone for many games. When the team loses they take lots of heat from fans because they are expected to win.

Good post esks123

I've been visiting the forums almost every day, but haven't gotten around to posting much as of late. It's good to see some people missed me! :smiley: And hopefully I'll post a bit more frequently.

Yes the other day supertoe and your name was mention by sporty! You guys had a couple of losers that have disappeared but we were hoping you guys would come back Equimaxx has been here all this time!

lol thanks for the props RW05 (at least I think that’s my name lol) Gotta stick with your team and I have been keeping such odd and unusual hours lately the forum is always here when everyone else is asleep!

Bad idea if you ask me. Because there's still a big chance that last year's worst team remains the worst team. So if that team fails to make the playoffs, the season ends one week earlier for the fans.

Looking at CFL history, finishing first is no worse than second. But bye week helps in extending life by avoiding first round of elimination. Overall, favorites tend to win more often than underdogs. Financially, doing well in the regular season helps with revenue. Customers like quality. However a bad team can drive fans away.

Normally i would say underdog but as a stamps fan and being in the bottom are 3-4 years, its nice to have a team rated on top for a change.

Yes...and.... I'm missing something Third. So what if say Hamilton's season ends early by one week? Thats the penalty for not improving. I think its terrible that if Calgary finishes first, they have two weeks between games. I beleive they would be at a disadvantage to whoever team they play from the Western Semi final. Would that be a fair reward for finishing first?