The favorites heading into the playoffs?

All i can say.I hope anyone wins but the riders.
A riders loss is just as good as a Argo Cup!!!
We can’t win all the time.Just every 5 to 7 years.
Does anyone really consider the riders a threat.
I still say it will be an Edmonton Argo final.
Edmonton better get their S%#t together.

Calgary is hot and could be the "Sleeper" team to pull it off. While BC and Edmonton have the fire power, they have been so inconsistant.

Toronto in the East looks strong...Defense wins Championships!

Toronto Vs BC or Calgary...Beware of the Stamps!

I can live with those choices Sportsmen!!!

What I want:

  • Montreal beats Calgary

What I expect:

  • Toronto beats Calgary

What I would hate:

  • Edmonton vs. Toronto, no matter who wins.

What would be plain terrible:

  • The crossover team wins the Grey Cup.

Very smart approach Turd.
Complimenting other teams.
You make it sound like your team is a underdog.
Very smart turd,very smart!!!
We know deep down inside, your ready to say how you really feel.
Very smart!!!

it wouldn't be bad if a CO team won the GC, but that's not gonna happen this season or for a LONG time.

I really don't see why a crossover team "won't" win the Cup. Sure, it's tougher, but there are times when the third-place team in the divisions has gone on to win it all, they play on the road twice. Sure, crossing over means travelling further, but besides that, it's two road games in a row, which teams have done in the regular season.

I honestly don't expect the riders to pull it off this year unless they get much more imaginitive on offence than they have been, but I do think that it's within the realm of possibility that they could.