The favorites heading into the playoffs?

Eskimos play shaky at best, very lucky to get wins in Toronto and vs Sask and now blow chance for first place and get 3rd. They are too Jekyll and Hyde to even touch in this thread, whatever happens happens but in all honesty they SHOULD be the team that is in the Grey Cup and I will stick with them now that they are the underdogs in 3rd place.

Lions lost 6 of last 7 games since August 27th, but still get the bye to the west final. Horrible way to end a season buy they still get the two home playoffs games to win the GC should they decide to start winning again. That being said, I still don't like their chances no matter who they play Edmonton or Calgary.

Calgary wins 4 or 5 in a row beating the likes Saskatchewan and blowing out Edmonton. Wil be 2nd and host the Eskimos next week in the semi final. Very talented offensive and can rack up points against teams with meagre defenses such as Montreal and Winnipeg, although not scoring a TD vs Sask they still beat us. Things are going right for this team in a number of ways but your odds of beating the Eskimos twice in a row are very slim in my opinion.

Saskatchewan is coming off a big win against BC with Greene back at the helm and has only allowed one controversial TD in the last 3 games. In Edmonton when Ray wasn't even in the endzone might I add. That is one TD allowed by the defense in 4 quarters of football. The defense has been stellar but the offense is average at best. Heading into Montreal the defense must play one of its best games to give us a chance to win while the offense stays turnover-free and the receivers actually catch balls.

Toronto has been shaky all year, finally managed two wins in a row at Montreal. Resting starters as they get the bye to the east final. Nothing much else to talk about, average team at best who wins, loses, wins, loses, against any team in the league. In the season has both lost to and beaten Edmonton, Montreal, and Saskatchewan, yet beat Calgary twice and lost to BC twice. In my opinion the winner of Sask/Montreal will beat the Argos in the east final as the Argos are very inconsistent and the two bye weeks will make them very rusty having sat out the Ottawa game.

Montreal has been very shaky also on defense, but always plays strong against Saskatchewan. The east semi is a possible Grey Cup decider, it will be Montreal's powerful offense against Saskatchewan's exceptional defense. The winner will have great momentum going into the east final at Toronto and will most likely be off to the Grey Cup.

In my opinion the team with the best chance to take home the Grey Cup is the winner of the Saskatchewan/Montreal game taking on Edmonton in the Grey Cup. But I just don't see the Eskimos losing two weeks in a row to Calgary. If Calgary was playing BC in the semi final instead, I'd pick Calgary to be in the GC.

We should get your predictions from about a month ago. Your
picks were wrong then, and guess what??? They'll be wrong
again. You go to the KK drumming god school of wrong picks too???

I am not making clear-cut picks here, I am logically evaluating each team's chances.

Wheres the logic???

Rider logic ha ha ha ha ha ha

Favourite from the West: Calgary (Burris is again playing like a superstar at the end of the season and Calgary has a lot of momentum)

Favourite from the East: Toronto (Allen is this year's MOP)

Your not a Rider Fan are you? You are Hugh Campbell..come on fessup Rider fan in there right mind would cheer for Edm unless you really are Hugh Campbell... EVIL very evil :slight_smile:

B.C.......... CLINCHES 1 :smiley: ...........As some of us said that they would. :wink: :smiley:

TORONTO....The 1st team to clinch the division title in the whole CFL.
A possible MOP ? The defending GREY CUP CHAMPS , who this year , proved that winning it all , last year was no fluke. " average at best " ???????

All the ARGOS have to do now , is win 2 games in a be the champs again.....Last year , it was 3 in a ROW! :wink:


B.C. vs............ ARGOS/MONTREAL , in the final. :smiley:

If I was a betting man I would pick Toronto from East and Calgary from the West. However, the CFL does it best as far as upsets are concerned so don't count out anyone including my beloved Riders.
CFL Rocks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Rider Pride Nation Wide

Calgary and Sasktchewan are hot, coming in the the Playoffs with huge upsets under there belts. But look out for Montreal, they are playing dead for now, but they will destory the Riders. Same for Edmonton as well. BC is do and will lose easy in the West Final to whomever takes them on. Toronto is gonna put up a fight in the East and could make it to the Cup again.

So, my ranking is as follows

  1. Montreal
  2. Edmonton
  3. Calgary
  4. Toronto
  5. Saskatchewan
  6. BC

.......'UnrealRiders' and 'logic' in the same sentence is not feasible........

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Do not sit next to your phone right!

he does have a point, I mean you are inlove with Nealon Greene, for some crazy reason.

Out of the west I think BC will come together and win in the West final. I really am not sure who they will play though. It will be hard for Calgary to beat Edmonton 3 times in a row, but The stamps seem to have had Edmontons # since the second half of the lagour day game.
Out of the East, The montreal Sask game should be a battle. Hopefully the Rider offence can score some points. I hope to hell that Crandell will be playing, and not Greene. (Crandell played very well against Montreal 5 weeks ago) Montreal definetly has the advantage, it being at home and all, but I think Holmes and company have a fiighting chance.
IIf montreal wins the game Toronto wil probably make it to the Cup again, If Sask wins I would put my money on Sask.

Sask vs BC-- Sask wins :twisted:

(disclaimer: Please remember that I am heavily biased when it comes to the Riders, so I will of course think they will win. If this does not come to fruition then please remember this point when trying to make me eat my words, which I will do on my own accord and will not need anyone to help me do it.)

ha ha ha

My picks aren’t THAT bad. I’ll be right for most of the time in the Playoffs and I’ll ganrentee you I’ll get the GC right (got the last one right, didn’t I?)

Ok I admit it I am Hugh Campbell. I have been giving out bags of money to referees and I am about to fire Ricky Ray for costing us the West Final and all that money I gave to the refs beforehand. Eskimos to the Grey Cup!

SK def MTL
SK def TOR
BC def CAL
SK def BC
Yah right!
SK def MTL
TOR def SK
BC def EDM
TOR def BC
Toronto wins again!!

I would pick Calgary to be the favourite to win the Grey Cup right now cause they're hot but it's a whole new season and in a one game take all scenario, all 6 teams have a chance now to win the GC. It's just a matter of which team can get it together and maintain it.

Lionbacker knows his ball, his remarks are right on.

The hottest team going in is obviously Calgary, weve one 7 of
our last 8 games. Our D is swarming and our O is clicking
without having many turnovers. Unfortunately doesnt mean alot
going into playoffs, but id rather be the hot team going in then not.

I can bet money it will be either Calgary, Toronto, or Edmonton winning the grey cup.

I say that Montreal, Edmonton, Calgary, and Toronto have the best chance to go to the GC, with the frist two most likely who will see in the GC this year. Who da funk it? 2002 all over again?