The fault lies at the very top..

I would be the first to admire Caretaker for saving our team. Without his committment and money, there simply would not be a team.

But the fault for the revolving door of personnel lies right at his feet. Presidents resigning, coaches released, office personnel rotating, the list has been going on for the past four years.

And how many socalled top-flight people are sitting in the office now? Mitchell, McCarthy, Rambo, Lancaster, the list goes on. But when it comes to showing results...Nada, nichts, rien...

I don't care how responsiblility is being delegated, the bottom line is this..Caretaker is responsible for four years of BAD decisions. Can this be salvaged? Will one more year change the pattern?

It wouldn't surprise me if Caretaker threw up his hands and left the sinking ship. I hope this won't happen. But, he must, once and for all, put the team in the hands of a fully experienced football guru, and get out of the way.

Is there such an individual in the current group of managers? Lord, I hope so. And I hope Caretaker has the judgement to pick the right man. It hasn't happened for four years. Maybe, just maybe...

Something a radio host said last week has stayed with me. He said the IT industry moves quickly and tenure in organizational positions is rare. However, professional football is not the IT industry and stability is a necessity. Perhaps Bob has been using IT philosophies with the TiCats. Hopefully, Mitchell makes the next GM hiring and gives him the time to produce results.

Bob has admitted he has made many errors. I don't see him leaving, certainly right now would not be the time financially as this is when offers would be coming in low-balled for a team that hasn't been winning.

I would say that Bob would be more likely to leave when the team has been winning for a few years, then the team would likely be worth more on the open market.

It's like any other business in that sometimes success takes longer to achieve than expected when you are not intimately knowledgeable about a product and Bob came in green on sports with all sorts of ideas that in the sports world probably don't work that well. He'll get it right one way or the other, that's for sure.

Real leaders always admit their mistakes. Bob has in the past, but clearly he is trying to remove himself from being the pivot point of this organization by hiring Mitchell.

So its Mitchells club now, he'll be the one hiring and firing. Note that there was no Bob when Casey had his "Wise Man Said" press conference.

Bob was directly involved in the hiring of Charlie as he went to meet with Charlie to see if he was the "right" guy. I would expect Charlie to be turfed too.

So its Mitchell, Rambo, may McCarthy and a new cast of characters.....1 year left in the 5 year plan....or maybe the plan is out the window too?

All we need now is for Bob to Release the Curse of the Forbidden Chant....invitation is still open!

Quote..."He'll get it right one way or the other, that's for sure."

You see, that's exactly the problem I have. We have been putting our faith in the hope that Bob would get it right. But, it hasn't happened. Everything for the past four years has hinged upon the hope that this year's changes would make a difference, But, they don't. Take a look at any of the other seven teams. Every one of them has made advances over that period. Some have gone up, and stayed up. Some have advanced, then regressed, but there have been upswings.

I'm sorry. I wish it were different, but Caretaker's overarching responsibility is the one constant that has affected everything that has transpired.

Enough with these 5 year plans and stuff, that just gives everyone an excuse to lose and why fans use it as an excuse just baffles me. This team has the talent to win now if you add the right pieces, now we need Mccarthy or whoever to come in and get those pieces! No more effin 3 year 5 year plans, the plan is to get an effin grey cup next effin season! No more of this whinning and it's not fair, give inferior coaches gms more time bs, it's time for this team to stop being the joke of this league and start winning effin ball games.

The fault lies at the very top.....and from everything I've seen from BY, he's accepted that responsibility. He hasn't tried to shift the blame one bit, he's admitted he came in knowing zilch about running a pro sports team, he hasn't threatened to pull out and seems to be looking at ways to right the ship (signing Printers, firing Desjardins). I know that this has been yet another dismal, frustrating season but I still see light at the end of the tunnel (and no I don't think it's train headed my way). :slight_smile:

An Argo-Cat fan


Effin right!

Good point jake about it being Mitchell's club in all practicality. Bob will be much more "hands-off" type of owner as time moves on and this is a good thing I think, not that really hands-on owners don't have winning teams but it makes things messy much of the time I think. I think players appreciate more a hands-off type owner.

I dunno jake, we just suffered through a very disappointing season, but yet we won 3 times as many games as we did during the season before your supposed curse came into effect.

Wilf is quite right - the buck stops on my desk. And Drexl is also right:

it's time for this team to ... start winning effin ball games.

We've got the best "Caretaker" this (or any other) league has seen in a looooong time!

Humility is an awesome trait!

gee caretaker an awful lot of posts in the last two days for someone who was goiung to post less frequently so he could spend more time re-re-re building his investment'

Mr. Caretaker, you've tried that one before, but it doesn't make any sense, as was explained back in July, when you said the same thing:

And, just like you reminded us in August, it’s not fair to selectively cut out the 9-8-1 season, as if it somehow had never happened:

The only curse that existed in 2003 was the curse of bankruptcy and fan apathy. It was a curse that was on the cusp of destroying the Cats, but it was lifted by you and the 9-8-1 season. To claim otherwise is not only whiggish, but it contradicts your previous statements and sells you short on your accomplishments of the past.

Regardless, it was nice to read your "anybody but the Argos" comment in the paper today, and all this stuff is really good grist for the mill for your "Release the Curse" speech on Nov. 21st, live at the Horseshoe.*

Myself and the many season ticket holders who will be in attendance will be hanging on your every word, as will the many concerned CFL fans from across Canada who will be joining us in solidarity that night. For all of us, after 3 seasons of back-to-back-to-back decline (as foretold in the prophecy), the curse is much more than "supposed."

*If that's ok with Rocky, of course.

Thank you Bunner for the research. Mr. Caretaker knows that the Curse started with his Edict of the Forbidden Chant, not after the 1-17 season.

Picking fights with us, often results in unintended results, we rarely back down and often win!

We are looking forward to the Caretakers proclamation at the "Release the Forbidden Curse" Grey Cup Kick Off Party. It should be quite a night, real fans from across the country have signed up already (thank you Facebook). Media outlets national and regional have expressed interest in covering the event. At last we'll all be united to fight the real the enemy (its not ShineHead O'Conner).

Bob sure makes lots of mistakes, hes not like us guys. :wink: :lol:

Agreed with Bunner and jakethesnake, the curse clearly didn't start when Bob became owner. It started right when he said not to use the forbidden chant. Since then it's all been litterally down hill.

Come on. The Farmer's Almanac calls for a lot of rain next year. The fact is we're in for a dry season. The "chant" is as offensive as the person who drinks too much in the row in front of me on occasion. There are children at the game. Let's focus on the 99 percent of the fans at the game who don't drink too much and add the the enjoyment. Let's focus on coming up with a new chant for next year. I hate the "Blue Team" so much I even hate the "Leafs". How many of you can say that? I love the "Ballard" years by the way. But come on, let's get innovative and come up with a new chant.