The "Fan Experience" at McMahon

I have returned from Calgary and just wanted to comment on the experience of being at the game itself. On field...great game, classic CFL finish.

Otherwise...terrible. McMahon is woefully unequipped to handle that many was impossible to get around the stadium to take care of any food, drink or other issues without a stupidly long time away from your seat. With 39 minutes left to kick off, I decided to hit the head one last time and get some peanuts. With 3 minutes left before kick off, I returned to my seat after spending far too much time shuffling a foot every 90 seconds.

Hindsight is always 20/20 of course, and I hate to dump on an event that features thousands of volunteers, but it was truly horrible. Why they didn't expand fan services out into the parking lot I'll never know. Why there weren't more porta potties, I'll never figure out. Reminded me of Ottawa in 2004...way too many people for a park way too small and too old.

2010 will be much better as Commonwealth is built to handle 65,000 people, but the field itself? That's another question I guess....

…it’s an old barn, no arguing that…I had fun though, on one of my bathroom ventures I met up with Darian Durant’s Dad!!..nice guy, he was very happy to be at the game and thought the whole experience was wild…

If you thought the lineups were bad, come to BC Place when there is only 30,000 people. McMahon will look great!

Switch to whisky instead of beer to get around that bathroom issue.
Or else, if you're really desperate, use a garbage can.

I was there for the '05 GC...yeah, it was horrible too. An hour to get into the building, an hour to get a beer. The positive side was that I was sober at a GC game for the first time in years...and it was a pretty good experience!

This was my 4th Grey Cup.

I previously attend Edmonton in 97, Regina in 03, and Toronto in 07.

Maybe it's because I'm a Rider fan (although 3 of those 4 Saskatchewan were in it) but this was the best atmosphere for a Grey Cup game I've had. Everyone was standing with 4 minutes to go and it was pretty loud (probably one of the first times in McMahon history where the fans weren't prompted to cheer, sorry Stamps fans I have to get that shot in). Everyone also seemed to get a long, I never saw any arguments or fights in the stands.

As far as the bathroom experience, yeah it was pretty bad, the porta-potties had a line-up minimum 6 deep at the 4 minute mark of the second quarter. Although Edmonton in 97 was terrible for this too. It took half an hour to go pee there that day. In Calgary people were actually peeing off the endzone scaffold stands; Into the part below that was roped off.

The beer lines were terribly long, it wasn't worth it. There were lots of beer vendors up until half an hour before the game and then I never saw another one.

The stadium was very silent at the end of the game. A lot of dejected fans and rightfully so.

Try Notre Dame's stadium for washroom's, the stadium was expanded recently to around 80,000 and when I was there when it was 60,000 you had to wait like 20 minutes just to take a pee and don't bother getting anything to eat in South Bend, the lineups were way too long and the stadiums is old, nice and all but old, and wasn't built for these crowds. I'm surprised at BC Place though, it's fairly new and was designed for a 60,000 crowd, never been there for a game though.

BC isn’t that bad. Its one of the better ones I think. I dunno about beer lines, I’m not crazy enough to pay that much for second rate beer!

Ran out of beer.... Seriously, why did you sell more tickets than you had beer? Then you tell me no refunds, but I can get a Smirnoff Ice, for extra money... WTF is up with that?

:thdn: :thdn: :thdn: :thdn: :thdn: :thdn: :thdn:

Lets hope that Edmonton is up for the challange. Because Rider fans drink allot of beer, and we are gonna be there next year!!

no worries.. Edmonton knows that we drink so much that our river smells of beer :wink:

we'll have lots of alcohol for fans to get drunk on... :roll:

I quit drinking at football games, but in Edmonton I'm pretty sure I'll have to take a flask of something in with me :wink:

Totally agree. Had people in and around my section complaining about leaving their seats to use the washroom only to find that they lost almost a a whole quarter of the action because of the commute times to and from their seats. That is totally unacceptable for the prices that were charged for the game. The Grey Cup is becoming a larger and larger event every year and some of these venues are simply too small/outdated to handle them.