The fan base love here changes with the wind

Now I understand why some of the player's dont read this forum crap nor think that the fans are loyal. Or better yet like the fans here in hamilton.

The attitude here changes with the wind!

Don't take it to heart. There are just a lot of windbags blowing off steam here. Some of the best and most loyal fans I know don't post here at all.

I stand behind the team no matter what and there are others like me on here. They're just not the most vocal.

I know borehamgirl, I dont take it to heart at all. I really do think most of the people here that do post dont know much about football anyhow.

I come to respect you, OKnight, GBonds and mike for your love for the team and city. ITs all good with me

You say that in a very general way as if ALL fans are like this. I assure you that there is and always has been a very very loyal fan base around the Cats. For example.. most of the people that were at the game last night. The 8000+ less there was vs. last games attendance are the fair weather fans.

Be careful not to generalize all the fans.

Whatever man,

Im just telling you want I hear. If you dont like it then fine deal with it.

I don't think Zenstate was ripping on you CMW.

You made a good point that many of the fans that post on here are rediculous.

He made a good point that not all of us on here are like that.

I agree with both comments.

I dont mind if he was or wasnt ripping on me. Im just telling you guys on THIS SITE what I hear from some of the players.

I know NOT every fan here is like that, hell its to many fans out there. Im talking about MOST of the people on here that act that way.

Even though most people are online now I assure you that maybe 5-10% of the fan base comes to this forum and even less that post here on a regular basis.

If you are basing what people here say as how the general mood of the fans is then you are only looking at a very small percent of the actual fan base.

Love for the team.
Win or lose.

Lol like I said Im talking about the people on here.
I dont know anything about the fans at the games. Im pretty sure they all rock. Just the people here suck when the team dont win.