The "Fair Catch"

Is it time for the CFL to adopt this rule on punts ?



and why not? you no how hard it is to go from looking up for the ball to looking for a way to get away from a tanked out special teams player? bet ull be the first to complain when our PR get's injured though.

No the refs should just stop thowing so many no yds flags, :cowboy:

Any rule (5 yards) that results in a failure rate of at the very least 75% is a ridiculous rule. I believe that it's time the CFL grew up and adopted the "Fair catch" rule from American Football. It works and we need to put our silly CFL pride aside and acknowledge something good.

They throw the flags because the stupid rule is there on the books

5 yards


Fair catch saves your players from spending the season on the injury list plus eliminates the unecessary need to throw the no yards flag 90% of the time. Isn't that a good enough reason to bring this rule to the CFL?



Great points !! It only makes logical sense.

Your statement of a 75% failure rate is an educated guess. This would be a great question to forward to Tom Higgins to see if he has the numbers on this.

I don’t like the fair catch, kick returns and punt returns encourage speed, excitement and more chances for scoring. Gizmo, Pinball, Trizmo et al have excited CFL fans with their electrifying returns over the years.

75% was being generous. Yes, let's get the figures from Tom Higgins.

By the way, nobody mentioned kick-off returns. They don't have the 5 yard rule attached.

My vote is with the 'nays'

Not having this rule has resulted in
many exciting runbacks over the years.

There is no excitement in watching a punt returner
standing motionless while catching a punted ball

or watching both teams staring intently
at a non-fielded ball until it comes to rest.

If CFL fans were asked to vote,

the majority of them, in my opinion,
would vote against the 'fair catch' rule.

and we'll still be able to see exciting runbacks
on punts returns for many years to come.

No poll?

Id love to see what the majority of people think

(Maybe im just old school)

No way, I hate watching an NFL game where it's fair catch after fair catch, it's so boring. The no yard's rule is so every punt needs to be returned, adding to the excitement of the game. I could imagine how many more punt return TD's there would be in the NFL if they adopted our rule.

I can really care less, but no yards is an overrated rule that I wouldnt cry over it if it was gone.

I stand corrected, thanks.

I stand corrected, thanks.
No worries 8)


i love the fact that every punt needs to be returned in the CFL, unlike the NFL where the returner feels if he can't return it need to ask permission to catch the football.

yes the no yards rule can be brutal at times if not all the time. I would rather have a returner try to make the game exciting by returning the football everytime he touches the ball, as oppose to giving himself up and having the team scrimmage where he caught the ball.