The failure to build a dynasty....

Things were looking great at the end of the 07 Season, good vetern QB, young spark coach and a strong Defence and Offence to boot.

Now most teams when after winning a championship may lose a few key players due to salary cap and retirements, but the problem with us that has us where we are today (stuck with a bunch of former Winterpeg hot heads) is that we were never able to sustain that core Coaching staff and players. Joseph and Austin left forcing our mery go round QB carocell in 08. If they woulda stayed we would of went as good as 14-4 in 08 and rip up the playoffs and probably give us our 2nd Grey Cup in 2 Years and during this Jyles and Durant would be learning under Joseph. Now say Joseph retired we have 2 young groomed QBs for 09 remember we still have Austin. 09 season who knows probably make it to Grey Cup and and possibly win..again which would give us 3 Grey Cups in 3 years. But that is now a fairy tail. We were never able to keep those Key players and that Key coach which leads us to where we are today and unless we go under a HUGE coaching staff overhaul and some players in the offseason i see us rebuilding for the next 2 years and finishing last place in our division.

Well, Tillman made a big mistake by Not having Austin stay, honor your contract.

Joseph should have been resigned.. there was other ways to increase cap space.

I really believe that our lack of whatever you wanna call it, to keep our talent around really hurt us in the long run, aka 2010

I have a quibble about that point. Joseph was never a particularly cerebral QB. . . the success that he had in his career was more due to his physical gifts, and you can't teach that. Tutoring under a QB like a Calvillo or a Ray or a Dickenson would produce benefits I think. . . but tutoring under Joseph? I"m not so sure . . .

But notice Joseph, Durant and Jyles all have the similar style of play of the "Scrambling" Quarterback so to speak. So similar techniques such as reading defences and knowing when and when not to roll out of the pocket can be taught. but back to the failure of building a dynasty topic lol

Would "building a dynasty" be similar to how Tillman turned a 2007 Championship team into one that got eviscerated 33-12 in the Western Semi a year later? Just curious...

If the following of what I said in my first post happened, well.. then no, the tables would have been turned.... We went 12-6 with one of the biggest disgrace of a QB to ever play the game (Bishop) and 2 inexperianced QB's and a sh*t load of injuries! Stick Austin, Joseph back into the equation = Grey Cup Champs 2008.

So it's Tillman's fault for trading Joseph?

It wasnt really anybodys fault in 2008. When you have you have pretty much all of your recievers go down in one season, you more than likely wont win too many games especially with Michael "throw the ball as far as I can without looking who is there" Bishop. This year we have the talent. Heck we might even win the Grey Cup. The coaches have to find ways to make things happen with the talent they have got.

the reason we lost is because we gave the Dancing Frog, or Bishop a team to play for.

we had Miller who was destined to play Bishop that game..

if he had played Durant, you just never know.. but oh well, it's the past.

Guess you can rationalize anything in your own mind...

The main CFL forum is talking about Trestman(sp?) future. ALS are saying that they'll make him honor his contract. Now will they, I don't know. I do though feel that teams seem to let these guys go too easily. A contract is a contract. Austin should have been held to it, even if he is Tillmans friend. Business first. Then the issue with Tillman, I mean are we jinxed? Tillman continues to be a GM and supposedly just signed Joseph? I mean they will have 3 (4?) QBs on staff all very capable. Look out playoffs here comes an Edmonton team with tons of confidence and turning up their level of play. Remember 1989 and what a third place team did.
It's time to raid other competitive teams coaches (hello Calgary) to supply the riders. Just like we lost so many coaches in the last 3 yrs. Also makes Calgary less competitive you hope for a yr or two. Edm showed that you can fire/lose coaches this year, replace them and get results. I think special teams is the one spot we could still do this this late in the year with no worse of a result than what we have now.

I don't think DD was ready yet for that game. To bad evil Bishop showed up that day.

I will remain nuetral until years end myself I have always thought of coach kenny to be a great replacement of kent but this year folks it's all changed coaches alone plus add taman and I would bet that Kenny was talked into berry and daley at the least
ps. if any of you coaches read this stuff last week on in the huddle the legend himself yes #34 george Reed said to be able to have any real chance at a good running game requires at least 20 touches , also all the cash you blew on p.rod,dorsey,and now grice mullen when you refuse to activate charles the real diamond in the ruff and now koch shame isn't it just 1 more wonder why do we still own airhead fairooz yikes

Well if the world was fair and its not Sask probably should have lost in 2007 and won in 2009. But you are what your record is.

And Austin left Sask at the alter twice. He was a major risk to stay to begin with imo.

your next hire for HC is key. good luck.

But I do agree that this organization needs to retool the staff.


Doesn't that apply for Edmonton too?

because the guy still had potential and he would have been the perfect QB to groom Durant into the QB he is today but better.

heck Austin should have stayed too.