The Face Mask, The Challenge, The Change Of Momentum...

Early in the game, Hamilton was still in it and it seemed they had some momentum.

They even made some decent plays in there first couple of possessions.

Then the weirdness started.

First, there was the face-mask penalty.

I was sitting on the south side, and most of the fans there thought it was the Argo player that made the illegal face mask, but it was the ticat player penalised.

Then, there were a couple of other strange calls. (Perhaps someone here can give a recap, I don't remember all of them.)

Then, there was the challenge by Hamilton. But, it was on a play that could not be challenged.

At any rate, it seemed that from that point onward, whatever momemtum the ticats had was gone.

I say this because I don't believe that the Ticats are as bad as people are saying.

It's just that they easily get frustrated.

There was also the quick whistle on the Avery fumble...

I agree. I think it is hard for the team to battle both the officials and the opposing team. That being said I also think we have been fighting that battle for a few years. The bad calls have been league wide and that was why replay was brought in. It stll sucks.

Yes,there were some "interesting" calls or lack there of, but if you think that changed the momentum or led to the defeat then I suggest you start watching girls sports.

Ok, what caused the change in momentum?

you could kinda see it in the Defense... like they couldn't win...

they still had a sack right after that, dragging allen back to the one... and the ball got placed on the 6 instead (who knows why)

but even my girlfriend noticed it, and if its that obvious......

but you're right in saying that it wasn't the only thing that lead to defeat. Cavil being offsides ten times a game, or the Oline being dominated had a much greater effect on the offense.

The time when Allen looked like he fumbled but was ruled to be in the motion of passing would (should) have changed the momentum as the Ti-Cat defence probably would have picked it up and ran it back -giving the team the lead and getting the crowd into the game.
On the face-mask wrong call the Argos eventually drove the ball for a field goal , giving them a 3-1 lead.

Flick was grabbed and you could see it clear as day, otherwise hes gone... No Call.

Yes, once again, it's Hamilton vs the world.

George Black backed the officials on the Allen fumble non-call, it should be noted Black questioned the pass interference call in the 2nd which gave Toronto the ball on the Ti-Cat 1.

"Yes, once again, it's Hamilton vs the world." I wouldn't say that, but, TOFAN wouldn't you agree the Argos looked really flat in the first quarter? I mean they were taking too many men and time count penalties, and were not moving the ball, they seemed to gain confidence as the game went on, as plays started going their way.

Yes, once again, it's Hamilton vs the world.
I'm not one to bash the officials...especially when we stunk.

But TOFAN...this is a TiCat site and many here do wish to blame lots of things, including the refs. So, go to your own site and post what YOU WANT...and stay off of this one.

I've lurked on your site after a guys should talk. :roll:

And I've lurked on this site after a loss, or a win, and all I ever read about is how the referees are against the Cats.....that is and will always be a ridiculous statement. Look in the mirror before you look at others.

First of all, the TiCat offence never had any momentum. Not for the last two home games. The defence played great in the first half but a combination of fatigue and a veteran quarter back being given too many chances led to the defeat. If you can't score you can't win, no matter what the refs do.

then there was the non pass interference call on DJ that would have led to a td.


BUSH BUSH BUSH BUSH BUSH BUSH!!! I’m done. never in my 17 years of being a season ticket holder have I ever been this dissapointed with the CFL


It should be could. Nothing in football is certain. Too many tangibles.[/b]

The refs haven't determined the outcome of a single TiCat game this year. Or Argo game for that matter. This team is its own worst enemy, not the striped shirts. For all intents and purposes, they've been shut out in 2 home games and those 2 points were gimmes courtesy of the Argos. To be sure, the refs have made some bad calls but this team's problems go way beyond any officiating issues. Officiating is a red herring. It's the team that needs to be overhauled.

An Argo fan

First off, let me start by stating that I am a Cats fan.
Now that that is over with, I have to say that while there were a few mistakes (which happens in any league) the game was called quite well.
Damon Allen was scared to get hit a lot of times and dumed the ball. Fans were all screaminf for intentional groundign every time. The times it wasn;t called was because the ball crossed the line of scrimage.
The possible Allen fumble that was ruled an incomplet pass was the correct call. He pumped, and he was starting the motion of the pass when the ball was knocked out of his hand.
The sack that some feel should have been back at the 1 yd line but was placed at the 6 yd. line was also correct. Ball placement is at the point momentum is haulted. Not where the player is driven back to. The misate that happened here was that it should have been blown sooner since there is no way the QB could have gotten free.

I've never been a fan of the officials in this league. Sure..there were some bad calls or missed calls but I wouldn't put the Hamilton loss down to any of that. Besides, these are supposedly professionals and as such should be able to battle through this kind of adversity.

But on that note about "facemasking". It was clear that the Cat player did grab the Argo players mask. But what I'd like to see in the future is the receiver called for a penalty when they "straight arm" the defender in the mask.

Am I free to lurk now?