"The F word" topic.

So I guess I never really look at the stickys, so I only just noticed that sticky topic titled "the F word".

To me, that such a request is being made really upsets me. The descriptive term "french" is a completely valid one used on a regular everyday basis, to describe not only one of our country's official languages but also a self-described group of people, french-canadians.

But now suddenly, because one forum member gets a chip on their shoulder none of us can use the word now, regardless of the context? If it is being used in a derogatory manner then I can understand the mods taking action, but to outright ban a common everyday word is intellectually and morally wrong, at least in this contributor's opinion.

I know this is a private site and is allowed to make its own rules on what it allows and what it doesn't. But as a site that represents fans all across Canada I feel this sets an unsettling precedent. Where does it stop? If an American contributor found the term "import" (which is used to describe non-Canadian players) offensive would we have to stop using that term? Not entirely the same I know, but where is the line drawn?

I honestly feel that censorship in our modern society and the overreactive push towards extreme political correctness has caused damage to our culture over the course of my lifetime. I also feel that while small, this sticky is just another fresh example of this. That is why I wanted to make this post and make my stand against what I feel is a wronghood. I know this topic will probably just get locked or even deleted, but at least I'll be able to go to bed feeling I did what I thought was right.

In short, other than words which are inherently offensive, judge everyday descriptive words on the context of their use, instead of just banning them across the board from use altogether. Let's support the values and freedoms of this great country that the CFL represents instead of letting one hyper sensitive individual restrict the freedoms of all who contribute to these forums.

Thanks for reading.

Lol!! I thought that was a joke, but there's the thread!

If someone has a problem with it for real, stand up and be counted, please! I have another one for ya! :lol: :lol: :lol:

I never got an answer. Good luck to you


It's a joke, one way or another.

Either someone made a joke that got taken seriously, or said it seriously, in which case it's still a joke.

At the most, I could see situations where someone doesn't want to see threads bashing French people, or laws that are perceived as catering to the French, whatever. But to rule out the word altogether as a descriptive term? Please...

Sorry, Bobo! I thought you were kidding the other day! :lol: :lol: :lol:

French fries
French toast
French stick bread
French onion soup
French kiss

It seems to me that if you ban one nationality adjective you have to ban them all. So, English, German, American, Swedish, etc. should all be avoided as well, no?

Or we could just allow them all and ban thin-skinned busybodies instead? :wink:

English saddle
Spanish onion
Dutch oven
Belgian waffles
Hawaiian punch
Peking duck
Indian rubber


All these people do is hurt their cause, or whatever you want to call it.

Beijing Duck.

Dan38 should get banned for not using proper pinyin.


Gold Coast

don't forget Klingon and Vulcan, not to mention pig latin

Is someone bashing the #$%&@? What's the problem?

Here is MY favourite part...

one of the forum's contributors
1... a singular... not 2 or more... ONE 1 person now decides what words we are allowed to use in ANY context on this forum

Sad really!

If this is an insult to the French people, then I have a problem with it !!!!

So, will Ottwa's PR announcer be saying the results of the play in both English and the-language-that-shall-not-be-named? :roll:

I'm offended by people who spend their lives looking for something to be offended about. Get on it, mods.

Well Tridus, I'm offended that you're offended. :lol:

That statement is highly offensive, sir! :cowboy:

Clearly the o-word is making people upset. We should ban that.



Obviously, there is nothing wrong with the word "French". Perhaps someone was offended by the context in which the word was used; I don't really know. But more than one person has expressed a problem with the derogatory term "Frog" being used to refer to the French people, and I agree with them. So let's knock that off, okay?


I say give a 'punition deux minutes' then allow the writer out of the box after he/she has served his/her penalty!! :cowboy: