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TORONTO – The Toronto Argonauts Football Club would like to congratulate Aquila Productions which received a total of 13 nominations for the 2012 Alberta Media Production Industries Association Awards (AMPIA). Two of the nominations came as a result of the company’s work on the critically acclaimed documentary on the Boatmen entitled The Extra Yard: Inside the 2011 Argos.

It was a good documentary hopefully they do it again with maybe another team?

It was cool no question from the segments I took in. :thup:

I loved this show. Obviously training camp provided the best drama and made the first episode in particular the best episode, but I was glued to the show and couldn't wait for each episode.

I agree, do it each year with a different team, and if I had to predict, I think that they will with either Hamilton or more likely BC.

Yeah, I liked it too. Those who like hockey, the same company does one for the OIlers too.
I'd like to see them do another one for the CFL, but with another team maybe.

Based on Barker's comments at last month's state-of-the-team address about how the documentary was a distraction, I can't see the Argos doing another one this year.

Short of being desperate for publicity, I can't imagine why any would want to do one of these documentaries. You've got coaches being more concerned with the presentation of their speeches rather than the content of them....jealousy among players who feel resentful that they're not getting any face time like some of their teammates...just not worth it.

It is always good to know that Area_51 knows what the players and coaches are thinking.
I guess that he reads minds as well. :lol:

Did you go to the Argo's Town Hall meeting last month? If you'd been there you would have heard what Barker had to say about the documentary. But for your benefit, here's a link to video of the event. Pay attention to what Barker has to say at the 1:45 mark:

"The tv thing was a great thing for fans, but it was difficult. It was difficult personally on the team".

There you go - - straight from the horse's mouth. You don't need to be Kreskin when the coach is speaking to a public forum and players are posting on message boards.

CFL players are among the most accessable of any sport. Do you ever go to any Argo home games? Head down to Joe Badali's or Jack Astors after the game and a large majority of the players will be there. You don't have to read minds - - it's ok to ask them something, they won't bite. And even if you get nervous and start stammering over your words, I'm sure it won't be too of an issue.