The Extra Yard/Argo's

Best Part of the Extra yard tonight was Ti-Cat fan Claudio Raposo chrippin the Argo's!! NOBODY BLOWS LIKE THE ARGO'S :thup: :thup: :thup:

It is pretty funny that a TiCats fan was dressed-up at Canada's Wonderland when the Argos were there shooting that day. However, I find it sad to see no Argo fans interaction with the players, it seemed like the only person in the park that know these guys were Argo players was a TiCats fan. David Bradley really has his work cut-out for him with this team on the side PR.

Watching that show is just annoying. Barker is awful on camera.

Hi Tcmike:

And as annoying as Barker is on camera, he's even worse as a coach, despite what his bosses may think!!!

His ONLY saviour is Jyles. If this guy can't get it done, Barker's ship is sunk.

true old fan.

Poor Jyles. He has more than adequate athletic skills, yet no top tier receiver to throw to and a coaching staff that is suspect.

I'd love to have a Jyles/Glenn tandem in Hamilton. Two different type of QB's who would complement each other perfectly.
(although both wish to be the #1 guy, so it is a moot fantasy)

Hi Tangledweb:

I may get crucified for saying this, but I would have liked the Tiger cats to have picked up Jyles in the last off season. I like his mobility and I think he has a good strong arm.

I agree, that it is unfortunate for him that with the pretend OC that the Argos have, the swinging door group that is their OL and the butterfinger brigade that call themselves receivers will only leave Jyles either frustrated or injured.

However, they do have their TV show, and I guess for the management, that is their marketing plan for success.

hi old fan,
Jyles is certainly an all-round type of QB. Great rusher/scrambler, good deep ball and decent instincts. And he had a 101 passer efficiency rating last year as well. (3rd best in the league) Good fit for any team IMO.
In T.O. his talents will be wasted unless Barker can bring in capable talent...And soon.

Wow!! I didn't realize his passer efficiency rating was THAT high. Impressive...and for a backup!!!

I'm still shaking my head that Winnipeg moved Jyles out of town????!!!!

well, Jyles was the starter for approximately 9 or 10 games last season and passed for 2,804 yds, 19 TD's (only 7INT) to go with 452 yds rushing and a 101 QB rating.

Over a full season those numbers project to approximately 5,000 yds, 36 TD's 12 INT's and 850 yds rushing.

MOP numbers easily.

Sorry, Tnagledweb, I forgot about that factor last season. Still, impressive numbers.