The excitement of reopening and fans in THF

Be you wear a mask when you see your grand children

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No but we don’t get close to them. Haven’t kissed or given them a proper hug since the outbreak. Before our vaccines, we all wore masks if within 2 meters of each other. Since they are little, any hugs are waist high and that has only been after we all were fully vaccinated. We haven’t been in crowds. Any company we’ve had, have been in back yards and distanced with friends (our social circle have all been fully vaccinated). So, I think we’ve been very careful to try a protect our grandkids. I’m hoping that by Xmas they’ll have an approved vaccine for children under 12.


Latest word I have heard is that the approval request should be submitted in (in Canada) September with approval expect in Nov/Dec. We also cannot wait as we have a 10 year old granddaughter.


I hear you loud and clear.
In our home last year no Christmas no decorations, no guests, I fact our Christmas meal was a hungry man frozen TV turkey dinner, did not go to others homes either, we sent money to our children ( e-transfer) so they could shop our for grandchildren, we FaceTime on Christmas day, when we did see family and friends during the times when restrictions were reduced we were full masked, fist pumps, elbow bumps & virtual hugs, only after we were double vaccinated did we get back with our grandchildren provide their parents initiated it, next week some of our out of town grandchildren will be with us. Happy happy joy joy :joy_cat:


Even fully-vaxxed, I still won't be visiting my twin baby nephews for a while.
I have to admit - I was feeling pretty anxious in a completely-packed grocery store in Huntsville yesterday. The lineup for the checkout counters wrapped all the way around the store, blocking off the actual food. It may take a while fro me to feel comfortable in crowds again, either masked or unmasked. I had the same anxieties about crowds when I came home from my UN deployment, if that means anything...


Curious, if you have anxiety in crowded and enclosed spaces you may have mild to severe claustrophobia. If you think you do research it on a reputable medical site. It's more common than you might think.


I must have messed up, I ment to attach this to "Mikefrmthhammer"

Thanks, I have a lot of experience with people who have phobias, never take it lightly. It can be crippling in severe cases. Knowledge can help especially if those around you are aware and understanding
Again thank you for the link

I never had an issue until I got home from a war zone, just sayin'. I have been fighting depression and mild anxiety my entire life. I have never had any fears about enclosed spaces.

As a veteran is medical assistant available for PTSD? Will you seek your family Dr. they can usually assist you to connect with other professionals and support lines. After serving your country you deserve to have that respect and support. BTW Thank you, much respect

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Thank you for the kind words. I have had excellent therapy over the years, and my issues are under control. I have a great support system of family and friends, and access to care when necessary.
This just caught me off-guard, and it is simply something that I have to deal with as society re-opens.


Very happy to hear all of that. Please take care Salute

An excellent post. One Bills player thinks that by exercising, eating healthy foods (which ones are not?) and drinking water, he will somehow survive. If you know, can you please tell me how drinking water prevents you from acquiring an air borne virus because I really want to know! It is also a great and callous insult that people refusing the vaccine do not care that they will be responsible for the spread of the disease and the death of countless others. Where has common sense gone?


Most of it was lost January 6 . :roll_eyes:

Pat Lynch (loved Bruce Arians speech to the President) Trust Loyalty Respect
One team. One Cause.


But I do understand pregnant women that do not want to take it, and other people with medical issues.
We are told to listen to the medical experts and get vaccinated and they determine where an when we are safe, and most of us obey and listen to them.

But the same people that lectured us on that we need to listen to the medical experts and how we should all get vaccinated, are now saying they don't feel safe going to a football game? or in crowds?.
Now all of a sudden they are saying we shouldn't listen to the medical experts, it's not safe to be in a crowd. Now they are the experts, not the medical experts??
Come on, listen to the medical experts, if it's not safe they won't open stadiums

If you see people following the science , that is not a lecture to reasonable people . That is guidance from people who know . The Delta Variant is killing the unvaccinated. Be safe out there . Get the shot and wear the mask for you and your family . This battle isn't over .

Pat Lynch ( 2 Modernas , 7 negative tests, and still wearing a mask)


Since you have problems with comprehension, let me spell it out for you in clear Canadian English:

  1. The vaccines are NOT force-fields that grant you immunity. They prevent you from getting sick, and if you DO get infected, then it prevents you from having to go on a ventilator in an ICU.
  2. There is a section of society that CANNOT get vaccinated sue to medical reasons; meaning they can get infected, transmit the virus, and sick.
  3. Right now, children under 12 cannot be vaccinated. See above.
  4. There are a bunch of ignorant jerks who refuse to vet vaccinated. See above.
  5. There are probably many people who don't yet feel comfortable in crowds. I know that "I" am part of this group.
  6. And then there are the narcicistic doofuses that refuse to wear a mask.
    I'm not saying to avoid crowds, or going to live games. Just that due to the various mutations of the disease and the above examples, society still needs to be cautious.

And I agree with everything you said!
We have to listen to the medical experts, that's my point.
Yes the are a bunch of "ignorant" jerks, but we do have exceptions like pregnant women, and others with medical problems.
The medical experts have determined that it's safe to go back into stadiums

First of all there is no prohibition or advise against pregnant women and vaccines. It’s a personal choice.

Second, the science says to WEAR A MASK IN ANY CROWD WHERE YOU CANNOT DISTANCE. FULLY VACCINATED OR NOT. As stated many times over, the vaccine only prevents severe infection, hospitalization and death. You can still become ill and spread to others.

How are the Ticats going to enforce masks for 15,000 fans. I’m curious as to how it goes at today’s open (3,000 max) practice.


This is by its very nature unfair. How dare you use actual facts and logic in a debate over COVID. How do expect the other side to refute this? :mask: :+1: