The evolution of the Canadian OLineman to RT

The standard for some years now is that Canadian O Lineman were for the interior Offensive line spots Center and guard. Oh sure there were some here and there and the occasional attempt at the all Canadian Line in which only Montreal has been consistant and come to rely on but a new breed is hitting the CFL.Toronto had started the season in an attempt to have an all Canadian Line but since have had problems and young import Tony Washington has taking the LT spot anchoring the other end of the line at RT is 3rd year starter at RT Chris Van Zeyl. Although the Argo line has been criticized it is the interior Canadian Lineman that are of the most concern.
Out in Regina they selected 33rd overallpick in the 2010 draft University of Saskatchewan OTackle he went back for his 5th season at the U of S. Nuefeld would play his rookie season as a reserve Lineman and Sp teams player and started the 2012 season the same way but an injection by import Chris Patrick forced him to duty at RT where he played very well. Shortly there after he startedat RG for an injured Brandan Labatte and played extremely well.He made the riders hard to keep himon the bench and with Fulton anchoring at LT allstar free agents Labatte and picard at RG and C and top draft pick Ben Heenan playing super in place of starter chris best RT was the only place where they did not have a major investment and Neufeld not only helped with the Ratio the OLine has not missed a beat with him at RT and arguably did a better job and fit the riders personality perfectly.
In Calgary they had a slew of injuries on the D linein J'mcihael deans rookie season. startedhis college career at Mich ST on the D line had to fill in. In his JR season at MSU he was movedto the O Line as a back up and by his senior season he was the starting RT for a team that avg almost 30 points a game. Caught in a slew ofinjuries this season Deane was given the chance to play his natural O line position at RT and in only his second season of pro football and only 3rd since college where he has played exclusively O Line has looked like he has earned a spot that he will not be giving up no matter who comesback from injury.
There are quite a few Young draft picks over the last few seasons who have yet to play a CFL game yet, recently signed 6'10" Offensive tackle Matt O ddonall. Winnipeg has austin paztor on the IR this season but played two season his fresman and soph at Wash ST were he saw quality time. If O ddonellshould get the starting nod in the near future that would be 5 NI's starting at RT. The Canadian content and quality of player is improving at many different positions but it appears like RT will be a position that they may conquaer

Edmonton will again be starting Canadian Dylan steenbergen at RT. Rookie O donnel Is on the 46 man roster and behing Import LT Orring Thompson on the depth chart. I really like where Edmonton is going with this on the O line. Can't get expereice unless you play Steenbergen was arguebly as good as any import they had at RT.
last years #1 pick Coehern is starting at one WR and this years Chambers the other tan stamps and bowman they are as good asany of the import receivers. Also Matt carter another Canadian Reciever drafted in the first round in 2009 is also on the 46 and this will be his 3 full season on a CFL roster.
Once they get a QB the esks will have something going. They have planned out the Offense for the future and have a lot of quality Canadians on offense at every position RB, FB, Rec and O line.
They are still in the playoff hunt but a grey cup is not in the cards this season but will be in the near future.
Nichols in his 3rd season in the CFL has finally moved to #2 on the depth chart at QB. Masoli will have to wait until next year but he is a good one at QB

This must be typo error/name mix-up? of sorts; Austin Pasztor rights are with Edmonton.
Edit: Did you mean to say Tyson Pencer?

Ah yes it was a typo Penser indeed is who i meant in Winnipeg. They drafted him in the 1st round he is out for the season but the point being is that the Bombers need to start with their O line and they will need to get him in at RT where he played 2 seasons at a high level program at Washinton ST. School is not for everyone so coming back to Canada he had the Junior Football option. he is a OT so they need to get him in there to start and let him grow into the position. Too many times teams tend to move Canadian OTs inside and not giving them a chance. The players who have gotten their chance this year are beginning to flourish In particular J'Michael Deane who may not havegotten the chance if not for injury. and Pat Neufeld in Saskatchewan just proved that he was as good as Import Chris Patrick and gives them more flexibility and ratio depth.
cant get experience unless you play.
Edmonton is doing it right they have signed O donnell and he is behind import Thompson on the Depth Chart. Paztor they may need to weight for as he just signed with the Jacksonville Jags Practice roster

Don't mean to nitpick but Labatte plays left guard, not right.

typo again as heenan and best have held down the RG spot this season