The Evil of Resting Players

If Austin does anything but field his best team and make their best effort to win next week, it will be a travesty to the integrity of the league. Same with Montreal for that matter.

Toronto and Winnipeg are in a dogfight for first and it will be unfair to either team if the other teams opponant does not give it their all.

I want Toronto to win and if Sask lays down, good for me. Not good for the league.

Not to mention that paying fans deserve to see a teams best efforts every single game

Its wrong. Its wrong. Its wrong.

If the league does not do something to prevent this selfish practice, then I will not cry so much when the NFL comes and its sayanora. Grrrr

Doesn't the NFL teams and any other sport rest their best players when it's a meaningless game?

Sask won't rest their players too much. Austin knows what momentum means heading into the playoffs and he wants to go in with a win. Expect the starters to play the majority of the game if it's close.

I disagree.
How many times do we hear that the coach should take his top players out after the game is out of hand? Why is this any different?
Its not worth injuries and in gives some playing time to the second stringers

the integrity?

im sick of that argument...if winnipeg wanted 1st, they woulda TAKEN it today.

but they didnt, so what happens now is beyond theyre control...

sask isnt gonna say, 'well we better play our starters and risk our own championship dreams so we can do winnipeg a favor.'

sask needs to do whats best for the riders NOT winnipeg.

What exactly could the league do? If the league says you can't bench your starters at the end of the season, all the coaches have to do is say their starters have injuries.

Every sport does this.

The reason coaches are told to take out their top players when game is out of hand is because that is when players start taking cheap shots and injuries occurs.

Same reason why coaches rest top players in a meaningless game when the standings are already decided.

what goes around comes around. Austin and sask fans should remember any time they have been in winnipegs shoes, and that they will again be there. Integrity is more important than winning.

tell that to wally B, who continues to play goons.

I hope the Lions don't rest their starters next week. They will have a week off after that so I don't want them to have 2 weeks off without game action.

What is with this integrity issue? Let's say Austin plays Kerry Joseph and he get's injured during the game and is out for the year. Are Saskatchewan fans going to applaud Joseph's injury for the integrity of the game?

It doesnt matter if sask fans would applaud, its still the right thing to do.

id like to see the riders starters play atleast a half of football just to stay warmed up and game ready for the start of the playoffs....dont let rust settle in.

Austin has every right to rest his top guys if he so chooses. I dont think that will happen, you need your guys to stay sharp for the West semi. I believe you will see all the starters in next week, if they are healthy enough to play. Winnipeg still a good shot at first anyway.

There's no way Austin heads into the playoffs with Joseph, Fantuz, Hunt, et al not having played the last two games. If the Riders want to beat the Stamps, the offence will need to be producing. For the offence to do that, they need to play at least 1/2 of the last game. Two weeks without playing will guarantee a loss in the semi.

I think you will see Kerry play the first half of next weeks game
remember this game is in Sask and he does want to appease the fans at that game. But the hook will be used early I think. The Riders do not want to rest their players too much. Just isn't good sense.

Youbet. You must have forgotten something. It's obvious. Toronto fired Austin last year. With the Riders playing so good some people seem to forget that. The Argos screwed him. Blamed him. Think he might want to beat Toronto again. He already did the 1st time. Think he might like to cost them 1st. Austin has integrity. Don't question his. He is also a damn good coach. Expect this. The Riders will play to win number 13. For Austin it could not get better than beating the Argos.

I think Austin has to play KJ for some of the game to keep him sharp. Also we have to find ways to overcome the TO defense. In my opinion they are the most boring team to watch in the CFL but the most effective because their D doesn't allow many touchdowns.

stupid post fyb!!

why do we need to worry about other teams. no coach would risk their best players for the playoff hopes off another team. plus we don't need our started to win every game as we've shown. but even still i think joseph and fantuz will get the start followed by an early hook.

now's the time for the backups to get some reps this is the nature of every sport!

again stupid post fyb, you're better than that!

I can also see them playing their players, as this is a very possible grey cup match up (I said possible lion/bomber/stamps/als fans)