The Evans experiment continues

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So right, I commented a couple of weeks ago that Dane didn't have a talent problem, the problem was psychological. So glad to see him have a good game. Also, add Danny Mac to the list of QBs that sat apart from his team. As I recall, Darren Flutie was the only player allowed to occasionally sit near him.


Yeah me and most people on this board....but a grey cup would solve our problem as well!


It was quite apparent, even obvious, that Dane's struggles earlier this season were at least partly due to psychological factors. As always, there are many things beyond the QB that impact a football team's performance. But whatever you thought of the O-line, receivers, coaching, etc, the fact remained that Dane was making things worse rather than better.

Chatboard folks like me could never accurately list the causes. And there was no point in piling on because it would be inappropriate, but also because it was always going to be up to Dane to figure out the solution.

What fans could see is that in-game mistakes seemed to rattle him and he hadn't figured out the way to recover. It didn't really matter whether it was because he was trying too hard, or taking everything on his own shoulders, or some other reason; football players need to perform to keep their jobs.

I assume that's why the coaches started replacing Evans with Shiltz following turnovers. And Shiltz was starting to outperform Evans despite both playing with the same teammates etc.

By the Aug 26 game in Toronto, in which Shiltz replaced Evans after a second quarter fumble, my feeling was that Shiltz had effectively won the starting QB job. Had he not been hurt in that same game, I believe Shiltz would have started the next one. Longer-term, Evans' role as franchise QB would have been in jeopardy.

The turnaround we saw with the WPG game likely changes everything. Regardless of where the team finishes in the standings, if Evans continues to play well, I think he will be back next season.

This is great news of course, because it means Dane is back playing up to his potential. The 2022 slump will be in the rear-view mirror as a key part of his growth as an individual and as a professional athlete. Chances are he will be a better player for having gone through that.

But it's funny how a person's fate can turn on certain events, such as a teammate's injury in a road game in August.


Dane Evans is night and day better than Matt Shiltz will ever be. If Evans remains in Hamilton or is run out of town by the idiots, he will always be better than Shiltz.


I agree his ceiling is a lot higher than Shiltz. But to ExPat’s point, a few weeks back Dane was struggling pretty mightily and it wasn’t all on the oline or receivers. Half was probably due to his shoulder but he was also forcing a lot of throws and wasn’t playing with much confidence. You could see the offence lift when Shiltz came into the Argo game.

It happens sometimes- the backup has less pressure on his shoulders and can sometimes be more relaxed out there. Even Quinton Porter outplayed Casey Printers, and I think some of us remember Don McPherson coming in relief of Damon Allen in ‘92 and looking like a star. Both of those guys were given the reins as a starter the following year and we saw the sorry results.

Talent ultimately wins out. I’m glad Shiltz has proven to be a capable qb who can move the offence, give the defence a different look and lift the team when needed. It’s what I hoped for when they signed him and I think he’s done well. But I really hope Evans continues playing at close to the level we saw Saturday - if he does there will be no doubt who should be leading this team the next few years.


I'm not buying any of this. After one game some want to brag they were right....or brag how great Dane's psychologist is.
Looking at the whole season's results - at 4-10; I shake my head as to what planet this is considered great or even good....
Let's see what happens rest of the season, this upcoming week's game is must win. If we lose, we are pretty well out. Rest of the year will be garbage time...which really doesn't count.


By similar logic, let’s not just look at the whole 2022 season,but also 2019 and 2021. I think it’s fair to say Dane was mostly excellent those two seasons before he was a hot mess the first part of 2022.

I do agree that one spectacular game against Winnipeg last weekend might be premature to fully exhale and say the Dane’s back, but it’s not irrational to believe it’s possible given the previous two seasons he has played.

We will all wait impatiently with varying degrees of optimism to see which version of Dane Evans takes the field in Montreal this week. One thing I’m sure we all agree on is that we’re hoping it’s the version we saw last weekend.


Beatdown of 12-1 defending Grey Cup Champions
Throws 5 TDs and NO interceptions

I would say that's a pretty good transition point from any of the early season struggles.


not a cat’s fan, but honestly, for the league’s and tigercat’s sake, i hope this version of Dane Evans is here to stay. whatever he’s doing now, he needs to keep doing it. love seeing young QB’s be successful regardless of team. we need this in the league.


Maybe we should change the title to "The Evan experiment continues"?

Hopefully the experiment is over!


Please do that. This title is disrespectful.

We had a thread titled "All Things Dane Evans" where both the positive and negative could be discussed but for some reason it was locked.


yea it’s not an experiment anymore.


if Dane can keep it up consistently for rest of season, he’ll clearly be the best QB in the east. if he isn’t already. Masoli not withstanding.

Book it for 23 years...