The Esks Thankfully Did Not Sign T.O.

First, I like Terrell Owens as a player and a personality. However, the best before date on T.O. has expired.

With the level of receivers in the Eskies receiving corps I would never have been in favour of disrupting the chemistry between Mike Reilly and say Duke Williams, Derel Walker or Kenny Stafford. Nor would I have been in favour of taking a Canadian off the field like Nate Behar or Natey Adjei.

Behar has made some spectacular catches and the young receiver has shown he could be the next great Canadian receiver, but don't discount Adjei. While both are tertiary receivers in the Eskies offencebehind Walker and Stafford when defences drop seven or even eight the two Canadians along with Gable become much more important to draw the defence in towards the line.

As Eskie fans know Williams, Walker, Stafford, Mitchell, Behar and Adjei all have paid their dues and know the Esks offence very well. With Hazelton and Criner coming off the six-gamevery soon the Esks have six international receivers who know this offence extremelywell. Much like Johnny Football there is no way Owens could learn the playbook and get on the same page timing wise with Reilly before Labour Day. In fact, in the Esks system players are afforded the time to learn and assimilate into the team. Would T.O. actually buy into that concept? I doubt it.

What would have been more likely to happen is that T.O. would have come in and demanded playing time and then alienated the rest of the receiving corps that paid their dues. The reality is that at least one if not two receivers will be released in the days to come with Hazelton and Criner coming off the six-game. Why sign T.O. to force three releases? Unless the Eskies wanted a publicity stunt, but that is not their style so they did the right thing and released T.O. from their Neg List.

The bigger questions is do the Eskies keep former Carolina Panther Miles Shuler on the PR and do they retain Jamill Smith? Also does Hazelton who is 30 replace Stafford or do the Esks cut Hazelton? Finally, will it be Mitchell or Criner? Fully expect Shuler to go, Smith to the PR, Mitchell to the one-game, Hazelton to be released and scooped up by another CFL team. Oh, and T.O. to sign with absolutelyno one in the CFL.

Agreed. Wouldn't have made sense unless the Esks are just desperate to sell some tickets.