The Eskimos in the draft

I just got around to reading about Edmonton's picks (was busy Sunday and missed the draft), and I'm hoping someone can make some sense of this for me...

[i]Edmonton added to the unpredictable nature of the day by making two eyebrow-raising trades.

The Eskimos, who came in without a first-round selection, acquired the sixth pick from the Winnipeg Blue Bombers for the ninth and 22nd picks. Then they took Stanford defensive end John Buckle, a player coming off wrist surgery who is returning to school this fall.

Edmonton also acquired the No. 12 selection from the Hamilton Tiger-Cats for the 19th and 27th overall picks, then used it on Saint Mary's defensive back Saleem Borhot despite Wilfrid Laurier's Taurean Allen -- the top-ranked defensive back in the draft -- still being on the board before going to Calgary at No. 13.[/i]

So... We traded four picks in exchange for two, and one of the two guys we drafted won't be suiting up for us cause he'll be going back to school. ...What? :expressionless:

Call me crazy, but I can't see how the Eskimos had a good draft...

Our draft strategy changed when we found out Scott Gordon was retiring. We needed a NI safety with size who could start.
Watch this highlight reel. At 6'2" 210 lbs he has good size and should challenge this season for the starting job.

This Borhot kid looks really good seems to have a nose for the ball and can really bring the wood.

As to Bulcke going back to school this kid will be defnitely be a player and this year with Ellis and Peach on the corner and Romero, Sterling, and Braidwood inside is not a need. Better to let him play at a high level and come help us in 2011.