The Eskimos have a distinct advantage

The eskimos have a key advantage in the playoffs. we play the bombers instead of the lions (there was strategy in that 55-9 loss), and calvillo will have sat out 2 weeks in a row when we play montreal.

I hope your right , Also heard on the Radio today that Ricky Ray has never lost a playoff game . If you don't count the Grey cup held in Edmonton.

They also said Phil Jackson had never lost a first round series... then he lost two in a row. I don't put much stock in that stuff.

omg stategy in a huge loss to the riders any of you guys actually watch football???????

what kind of team would throw a game to get to the crossover???

go back to watching ufc or something stupid like that (soccer / nascar)

esks in the grey cup!!!!!! :rockin: :rockin: :rockin:

Too bad you did not tell calvio about this advantage!