The Eskies are going to kill the Bombers Thursday

I predict Ray will throw for 350+ yards, while Lefors will be pulled for Randall in the second half.

Mike Kelly gets his come-uppance at Commonwealth.

bombers might lose but will not get "killed"

One in two - you probably won't be in the mood to watch this game after you see the Cats play. :stuck_out_tongue:

It will be like a third pre-season game for the Eskimos

Lol, it's arguably the biggest question mark in the CFL (bombers) vs. arguably the top grey cup contenders (eskimos) and on eskimo turf. In hamilton it's the slightly improved (Argo's) vs. the very improved, but still raw (ticats). I think we have a lot less to fear then bomber fans do. Like watching the Pats (eskimos) vs. the rams (bombers) and the Bills (ticats) vs the browns (argo's).

Go ahead people bash the bombers while u can when the game time starts it will be all different

Hey, we're stating a fact. They're facing a team that's red hot and the moment and is poised for a cup in november. Going to be a difficult game, especially with the home field advantage in favor of the Eskimos. If you guys couldn't stop Montreal in their house, how the hell you going to stop a much stronger Edmonton in their house? Please elaborate, even most die hard Bomber fans know a win is a long shot. Hell, you only beat the Ticats by 10 and they're slated to be the worst team in '09 again, or they may beat out the Argo's for 7th in the league.

Totally agree and i also predict that Giles goes in at QB since hes so awesome and all that :roll:

Oh I hope it goes okay for our Bombers but it just seems to me that they'll get off to a real rough start. Edmonton seems to be riding the momentum (as much as you can after a pre-season game anyways). I hope they win but I can't really see it.

Don't kill me :slight_smile:

Edmonton was better than us last year and have added more talent,they will be good. Calgary are the Champs and there defence will even be better. If the Bombers some how get a split in their first 2 games, would be a huge accomplishment. It would also set us up nicely for the rest of the year.

...hard to say how this one is going to go for sure.....Esks. certainly have a solid club and an ace qb....However....Until I see first hand how the Bombers react in a 'real' game with all of the new's tough to call...We could surprise the 'hell' out of them or fall flat on our butts.....You know its gonna be a tough 2 pts for the BigBlue....but like Kelly says...we'll be on our game and on time and will be prepared to play our a$$'s off...GoBigBlue.... :thup: :rockin:

The top Grey Cup contenders are no doubt the Stampeders.
By the way I'm watching the "new" ticats right now. How is that going for you so far Bills?

Wow, what a troll!! i guess the Cat Fans have nothing positive to say about there team, so they have to bash the Bombers. granted, i think tommorow night against Edmonton will be a big test and a loss is not the end of the world, as a matter of fact is pretty much expected, but we will see. If the Bombers can show alot of positives win or lose i will be satisfied.

Are you satisfied with the Ti-Cat performance today? I said it on many other threads, and I will say it again here, don’t you Cat fans have anything better to do than come on here and knock the Bombers? Don’t you have your own problems in Hamilton? Judging by tonights performance, i think the Ti-Cat team still has alot of work to do and looking to win at most 5 games, if you’re lucky. Also how did our scraps play? Goodspeed and Gauthier, oh, you only gave up 7 sacks, great pick ups … LOL … Glenn still looks like he crapped his pants with that smug loook on the sideline, probably wished he’d taken that pay cut to stay here.

Also you knocked Lefors, our o-line and Defense all Training Camp and Pre-season. Porter and your o-line (7 sacks) looked absolutely horrible, defense gives up 20 points in 1 quarter, then settled down. Granted your defense played better after the first quarter, BUT, you played the Argo’s, who are supposed to be as bad as the Cats or worse this year, Argo’s looked pretty darn good to me, but it’s only one game, you can use that excuse, but what will you say after you start 0-3 after we hammer you in the Hammer in two weeks. Way to go “Improved” Ti-Cats … LOL … i think you now need to worry about your Oline, QB and Defense. You had the opportunity to start the season at home against The Argo’s, and you stunk out Ivor Wynn as everyone predicted … now you may go on your own thread and whine, cry and make excuses and leave us alone!!

I cannot see you leaving us alone if the BB’S lose in Edmonton, but remember, Edmonton is a better team than the Argo’s and we are on the road, so don’t bother coming on here and knocking our team if we lose, cause you will look pretty dumb, as no one is giving the Bombers a chance anyway’s, have fun in the Basement all year and so long!!

You consider the Esks red hot b/c they won 2 preseason games? How did your superstar Ray look in the last one...not so good. Your OL was questionable to begin with and is missing 2 starters tonight. We have the best dline in the league and they'll eat your OL's lunch. Ray will be picking grass out of his facemask all night. Montreal is a lot better team than the Esks are as evidenced by their beat down on the Stamps last night. We were up 26-0 when it was starters vs starters against the cats. Porter and Glenn didn't put up even 1 point against us.

spankin lyinstien, now you come on here bashing the Eskimo's in BEEKINOFF style. Were you at the preseason game #2 at B.C. place vs Edmonton (I was). There is reasons why Ray didn't achieve what he wanted to do. Give your head a shake, take a look and concentrate your thoughts on both sides of the ball win or lose. In Edmonton tonight: Esk's will cover the point spread; Grass field, the running game is back, Ricky Ray should/will have a decent home opening game. Congrats to the Als on their road win last night against Calgary. Hopefully I get to say; the Stamps are chasein us for a change. :cowboy:

Ya, like his team isn’t that good.
From your post I’ll assume you don’t embarrass easily but your first sentence is truly terrible. Your mom must have been a heavy drinker when she was pregnant.

im thinking the bombers take this one by six points...

and id definately worry about your own team troll... you just got spanked by the argos... another 3-15 season for you bud

Of course I wanna win tonight...but I will admit I'll be somewhat relieved if we are competitive, win or lose...pre-first-game-jitters I guess...

Hopefully the Bombers can take it tonight, be nice to see some east dominance for once :smiley:

We hardly got killed VS Edmonton, unlike the Cats getting manhandled by the Argo's, sorry but week one showed that the Bombers are STILL more talented than the Cats and we are going to be way better than the Cats this year, Cats will win 4 games at most, BB'S will go 9-9 and make the playoffs. Lefors had an alright game, but he has something Porter does not have, THE ABILITY to scramble when the line breaks down, and our OLINE has no problems at all, Hamiltons OLINE is Horrible, you will hear what we heard for the past couple of years (Penalty to Gauthier for holding at least six times a game). We are in way better shape than the Cats and we will prove it!!