The Eskies are for real but........

The Eskies are for real you guys but are the Lions? It' s amazing how a team like the Eskies can turn things around. Last season the Eskies won only 7 of their 18 regular season games. They finished near the cellar only 6 points ahead of the lowly Bombers who won only 4 of their games coming in dead last. So far the Esks have already won 4 and they've only played 4 games! They could conceivably match last year's entire output before the season is half finished. They must be over the moon. I saw the game against Calgary and the Esks beat them fair and square. They were simply too good for Calgary. I don't know what changes have been made on the Eskies roster but whatever it is it's working!

And now we have our Lions. Perplexing, oddballish, a conundrum. Oh there are all sorts of names we can attach to this team. By rights the Lions should be 3-1 because their play has not been as bad as an 0-4 record would suggest. But alas close only counts in horseshoes and statistics don't win championships. Key screw ups have cost the Lions several opportunities to put some wins under their belts and be right in the thick of things. Now they are staring at the possibility of 0-5 next week if they're not careful. And then there is the psychological game where the players start playing mind games with themselves- where they start doubting themselves and start trying just a little too hard by forcing things. They don't want to take a penalty so they back off a bit and get stomped on. They don't want to get burned by the long bomb so they start giving up the short stuff but either way the opposition moves down the field. It just takes a little longer. Just why we are witnessing such inept tackling is beyond me. :x Guys I've seen drop an opponent in his tracks can't seem to squeeze a bag of marshmallows these days.

The only consolation where the Lions can take some sort of solice in is that Saskatchewan is doing just as poorly and they were in each of the last two Grey Cups! Of course that happened to the Lions back in '63 when the Lions narrowly lost the Grey Cup to Hamilton, came back and won it in '64 and then in '65 did not even make it to the playoffs. How does that happen? The '65 Lions Grey Cup roster looked similar to the '64 Champs with the same coaching staff. [correct me if I'm wrong on that]

I certainly won't be writing our Lions off given that during the past 3 seasons or so they've gotten off to similar starts and then forged ahead to make it into the playoffs. But we also need to look at reality. They've gotta get some games in the win column for those days when key players might fall to injury or when the QB is having an off day or whatever. This is what the Eskies are doing. They are being good chipmunks and starting to put away some nuts [as in wins] for when things start to get a little cold.

Are there some other kinds of "nuts" the Lions need to put away? I'm not mentioning any names but it does make one wonder.

This is starting to sound like a broken record with the same excuses each week. We are trying to find reasons... drop balls missed tackles etc.. I'm sure if we added things up the other team have equal mistakes and Lions have won games over the years they should have lost. Bottom line we have zero wins and my opinion deserving that record.

Question- why was Chapdelaine not replaced in the off season? Everyone one in the football world knows his GLARING faults yet we suffer the same problems over the years. Wally is more of a cheerleader now and is incapable of taking over that role if Chapdelaine's head was to roll. Hate to say it people we are stuck with it for at least this season.

I know everybody crapped on that guy who was talking about boycotting games but he does have a point. If we all take the ho hum approach nothing will be done and we will see the same individual running the offense. I hope the Lions have lots of die hard pumpkin wearing fans because the average fan will lose interest and the team will be back at the !7-18,000 level again.

Lions need help in several areas...start with the OC!

You make good points Emptyset. But can a new OC help the guys hold onto the passes that should have been caught? He can reem out the player when he returns to bench. He can encourage but in the end the guy has to be able to catch the ball. Can the DC coach guys how to tackle? There are certain things the player can be taught such as where to position yourself and where to hit but it isn't like these guys don't know this already. These guys know how to do all of that within their capabilities and that is the big question mark. Capabilities. I can't see having to "coach" Geroy. Some guys don't need the coaching. They could always use the motivation for sure and if there is a new play strategy but how do you coach a guy like Geroy or Paris Jackson? Like last year I was questioning the talent the guys had. The O line was porous. It was like a sieve and the QBs were getting slaughtered. There was one game last year or the year before when the team went through 5 QBs I think. And all in the SAME game!! I don't know what it is but this year I've never seen sloppier tackling. Ever! I'm not saying that will win games all by itself but it would sure slow the opposition down a little. Watching these guys tackle is like watching a pin ball game. Pin Ball Clemons would have loved to play against the Lions this season.

You're right a different OC cannot make all the receivers catch every ball thrown to them but what he can do is put them in better position to make the play. But if I remember correctly greasy fingers was for only one game which really should be expected with all the new rookies. I don't need to list all faults that Chapdelaine brings because they have been well documented for everyone to read. As a former receiver maybe he should have consulted with anyone who knows what needs to be done to ease pressure off the Oline if they are having difficulties. Hurry up the offense with set plays out of the blue to shock or at the very least disrupt the defense. Is Lumbala still on the team?

Football and sports in general is a game of momentum and when a players juices are flowing they can become twice the player they are. That energy will always spill over to the defense which in my opinion might explain some of the missed tackles. Also being on the field for 80% of the game early does not help. If the OC thinks that playing flag ball all game long will win games he is sadly narrow minded and Lulay or whoever they have back there will not have a long professional career.
Just ask Printers!

beaglehound; I think the league and fans are surprised with the Eskimos turmaround. Give credit to Tillman/coaches for bringing in this group for the system that they wanted to run.
As for the Lions back then; most of the core group were an ageing bunch, most retired after the 65 season.
Here's an Interesting stat I found on Winnipeg back then too; in 1964; the Bombers finished with a 1-14-1 record and in 1965 they finished second (behind Calgary at 12-4) with an 11-5 record, went to the Grey Cup game but lost 22-16 to Hamilton. Huge rebound.

Tillman threatened to touch his guys inappropriately unless they pull it together...

Perhaps I should have said credit to Kavis Reed :stuck_out_tongue:

No kidding! So Hamilton won it in '63, lost it in '64 and won it again in '65? Wow. And Winnipeg won only a single game in '64 and 11 games in '65? No wonder they knocked off B.C. in the game opener in '65.

It looks like this is the way Edmonton is going to go. Comparing last season to this season is like comparing night and day. Of course we've seen teams finish off the year with nearly perfect records only to lose in the final before the Grey Cup to a 3rd place finisher.

Wow, you sound like we did last year. Our stats said we should have been top of the league and yet we were last in the league. Maybe you guys will be better next year like we are this year!! Go Bombers!! 4-1 and tied for our wins of last year. Thanks, by the way!!