The Epic CFL Road Trip?

Who said the Argo fans (plus 1 Ticat fan) aren't dedicated? 3 games, 9,600 kilometres, 10,000 laughs.

We are doing a 3 game CFL trip in August, 7, 8 and 9th - Ottawa on Friday, Toronto Saturday and Hamilton Sunday, but this one is quite the trip:

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In 2006 I drove from Vancouver up to Edmonton with my banjo.

On July 20th I saw the Bombers visit the Eskimos. Milt Stegall caught a 100 yard pass on the final play to win the game.

On July 21st I tailgated with dozens of friends at McMahon. Joe Smith (who had just won the starting job from Antonio Warren) ran wild over the Stampeder defense and the Lions crushed Calgary.

On July 22nd I drove into Regina (where my banjo was popular). The Argos were in town, Spergon Wynn laid on the turf for al of halftime, Ricky Williams broke his arm and Kerry Joseph caught a long pass from Jason Armstead on a trick play and dove into the endzone. The Riders also scored late and succeeded an onside kick, but the comeback fell just short.

Then I did some camping in Cypress Hills and drove home.


Liking this road trip.
MUCH shorter than the others (in terms of distance)

P.S. Look me up in Section 215, Row 4 during the Argos game. I'll be wearing the Argos jersey with, surprise!, "GREYDRAGON" on the back.

I was also thinking about the TFC game at BMO too, it starts at 4PM should be over by 6 and then over to RC for the Argo game.