The End of the Riders Season

Today marks the end of the Riders season. Good luck next year and quit your whining, Calgary won fair and square.

I highly doubt that.

Its going to be a Roughride for the horsemen but they are beinging ridden out of town, sorry cow town but your season ends today :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Riders you had a hell of a season, but im
afraid its over.

Dont hate the player, hate the game.

Turkey Ive learnt to love ya, and I'll be honored for you to jump on the Stampeders bandwagon after todays game.

jm we've got room for you too!

Hell jman you get onboard to son, you deserve to cheer on a winner!

Sambo and Arius you hitch up your wagon to BC, youve badmouthed us too many times this yr.


Your post should wait till after the game Eskylo. I have alway found it hard to eat crow. If you have to put some ketchup on it as it goes down easier that way. I hope both teams have a good game and that my team prevails though.

no kidding.. the game hasn't even started yet!

jumping the Gun is what Eskimos Fans do best!

just look at Brian Hall.. "oh those Roughriders!.. oh oh! They're going to be in tough this year!.. "

and then look what happens! He had to eat a TONNE off crow!

I plan on eating steak.

Winds up to 70km in Regina, geez guys you cant do better then that?

All of Edmonton is cheering for our Alberta brother today, Im sure.

Should the Riders lose today, maybe I will cheer for the Eastern team , say the Argos or Bombers. I was considering cheering for the Stamps should they win today, but since you dont want me, eff you!!

I will wish you and your team luck today sambo.

Same to you

Lets both hope the refs dont blow it for either side.

Do you know who the officiating crew is for today?

Ken Lazaruk

Cool, I dont have a problem with his crew.

Go Stamps! And it's been a slice Riders, but I think the ride's over.

geez, the Lion fans(Mervin, debra) and Stamp fans (Eskylo, 05), its hard to cheer for another Western team should the Riders lose today.. and you go so far as to call us obnoxious...