The end of the Jason Mass experiment??

With Chang starting on Monday. I think this is the end of Jason Maas in Hamilton. No one wants to keep a $400,000 back up QB. He may be traded or let go in the very near future.


What I love is how his salary increases by about 50,000 each time people talk about him.

I wouldn't buy his bus ticket just yet, if I were you.

I hope its the end.

if timmy plays well the rest of the year then consider maas gone after this year. if timmy struggles, then it will be an open job in camp.

my gut feeling is that in 2 years we will have a new qb to talk about. as much of a fan of maas that i am, he won't be here after next year and if timmy plays well, i could see him going to the NFL. We know that he wants to be close to home with his family and a so so QB in Hamilton is not where he wants to be

Maas was hardly an experiment. In the year he started with Edmonton he threw for over five thousand yards. All he did as a back-up upon Ray's return was help them win a Grey Cup. He obviously has been affected by the shoulder injury and perhaps there are personal factors influencing his performance. In any event, he was one of the top quarter backs in the league when we acquired him and for whatever reasons, things just didn't work out here. There are many other examples of a player or coach struggling with one team but then going on to success with another, so a little perspective is appropriate now.

A quarterback in brought in to produce. He has not produced. He has had ample time to prove his worth and in Hamilton he has shown very little of what he had shown in Edmonton. I think Edmonton knew that he was injured and thus let him go (traded) to Hamilton. If he was such a valuable commodity for Edmonton, then why did they not keep him?


Maybe they couldn't afford a 5.6 million dollar backup. :wink:

8) You must be right bg, because I heard he makes about $450,000 per year !!!!!!! :wink:

Man, and what did D-Mac make? Ok, a few years back but man, overpaid or what.

Cut him for everyone's sake, including his own. He will only be a distraction here. The season is over. Let Chang and Richie get some valuable time. If they are garbage than...we'll get Flutie out of retirement.

I heard it's easily $500,000 and a bag of homemade chocolate chips cookies each week. :wink: :smiley:

WOW!!! $550,000 per year. That is not pocket change!!! :slight_smile:

Boy! $600,000 per year!

If this keeps up, pretty soon you’ll be talking about real money!

Yikes! The $650,000 man! With Oscar Goldman and some duct tape, we can rebuild him! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Oski Wee Raise,

As much as I've been hoping to see Chang get his chance, I wouldn't be at all surprised to see Maas save the Cats' bacon down the road. He seems to thrive on coming off the bench--not so much in a starter's role. Sort of like a relief pitcher's mindset versus a starter's mindset. Together, Maas and Chang just may prove to be a very strong tandem at QB. Maas's salaary would have to be adjusted though.

An Argo-Cat fan

BACK ON TRACK>>> I like this post :thup:

I and so many others have been saying all along that we need to see what we have with Chang...AND WILLIAMS for that matter.

I have been very vocal since game 4 of this year...and although I would have liked to see a QB move earlier..I'm pleased and will continue to support the team, the coaches and management!

Now let's go win some games and see what happens. If nothing else we may see the team be a little looser and relaxed with somebody else at the helm.

If Maas is released this week...somebody else will be here to take his place. If the year is a write-off let's see who steps up and leads us to a Grey Cup in the next couple of years. more thing...Can we quit with the bickering and fighting among fans? :wink:

Well it better be adjusted. At $700,000 per year for a back-up. Shish!


(Sorry I could not resist!)

With Chang starting on Monday. I think this is the end of Jason Maas in Hamilton. No one wants to keep a $400,000 back up QB. He may be traded or let go in the very near future.


i agree :smiley:

I think that will especially true if Hamilton wins. If Chang gets a win, my guess is that Maas would be released right after the game.