The end of Mosaic Stadium (Taylor Field)

The end is here. It's going to be an amazing spectacle on Saturday, already 99% sold out, a lot is planned & much will be revealed in the next few days. Gonna be very emotional for me as my Dad passed away this past April & some of my greatest memories with my Dad was going to that stadium with him ever since I was a young kid. Kinda like a second home. Things that I know are happening is a Snowbirds flyover, programmed LED armbands for all fans, many alumni, fireworks show, halftime show with singer Jess Moskaluke, pre & post game entertainment, & much much more.

Sad to see such a historic place for Canadian football see it's end, but what it's being replaced with is truly spectacular.

a lot of history, got my last look on Sat. And yes, the new building is stunning!!

Looking forward to the final game. I'm not going to lie and pretend I'm going to be all sentimental about the old stadium. I've got lots of great memories of the old place, but lets be honest it's a dump and I can't wait to move into the new place next year :lol:

Can't wait.. leaving Friday morning from Edmonton. Should be near Regina by 3pm.

Whole family is going to be there.

Good seats!

So impatient, come on Friday!

It is a dump but I kinda look at it like I do with the 90 year old in house in Cathedral Village my wife & I lived in when we met & got married. So many great memories, even though we now live in a new house in the east end I still occasionally drive by our old place to make sure it's being taken care of. Ridiculous, I know.

So many wonderful times at this old stadium in my 43 years on earth but my fondest memories will always be going to games with my Dad & him instilling Rider Pride in his kids like a 2nd religion. Gonna be a VERY emotional night on Saturday, no doubt.

We Argo fans were all excited about leaving our old mistake by the lake CNE stadium to Skydome. Look how that worked out. Hope your experience is better in the long run. At least you don't have to deal with Rogers yet.

Will this new stadium still have crazy wind issues?

The beauty though Argonauts is that in Saskatchewan they have built a football stadium, not a baseball stadium that happened to be able to be configured into a football dimension field with many hot shots in Toronto hoping the Argos would fade into total oblivion. Not the case in Saskatchewan at all.

I doubt Rogers will have any effect, thank goodness! I think the province of Saskatchewan is too beneath the "mighty" Rogers empire for them to care much.

But I will miss seeing the old Taylor Field on the tely that's for sure. Should be a great experience this weekend there!

The mistake by the lake as some refer to it was a football field converted slightly to accommodate baseball while the Skydump was exactly the opposite, as you say. The old Ex stadium was a great place to watch football.

I hope Sask. has a great new stadium. I can't count the number of games we've lost on Labour day weekend at the old one.... I say " Good Luck" with the new digs. :thup:

Your quote is almost word for word exactly what I said after my final visit and game at Ivor Wynne. :slight_smile:

That new stadium of yours looks absolutely amazing , hopefully it will give you lasting memories of its own for years to come. :thup:

Your quote is almost word for word exactly what I said after my final visit and game at Ivor Wynne. :slight_smile:

That new stadium of yours looks absolutely amazing , hopefully it will give you lasting memories of its own for years to come. :thup: were so impressed that you posted it twice :lol: ....As for the new digs in Saskabush....not bad and that's as good as it gets from this corner and that's a better compliment than we got from a lot of Rider fans on our new facility...See...I'm the bigger guy. :stuck_out_tongue: ..Seriously though it looks great I just hope they've got the water issues cleared up.

only been once to the new digs in Winnipeg and was impressed. It will be a few years before I can make it to a game in Saskatchewan but looking forward to it. Good arena's help all CFL teams and help anchor the CFL for generations to come. Even here in BC I like most of what they did with the new/old BC Place. Having fresh air games really improves the fan experience.

My only disagree with dome type stadiums is that I have always enjoyed snow games .... There is something about football on a snowy day that makes the special coffee taste better lol

That last Blue Jays playoff game agains’t Cleveland, think it was at 4:00 in the afternoon last week, it was an absolutely gorgeous fall day and the roof was closed! I couldn’t believe it. Boy would I have been pissed if I had a ticket for that game. I guess MLB tells the team what to do but what a shame on such a gorgeous day. That’s the real bad part about a roof that opens and closes, seems if there is a bit of wind or something it gets closed. Weird.

IGF is a pretty impressive stadium in it's own right. Not without a few faults but nothing is ever perfect.

Here's some pictures of Taylor Field over the years:

[url=] ... ic-stadium[/url]

1922 when it was called Park de Young

1936, looks like a big pile of dirt

1964 with Lancaster and Reed

Construction of the upper deck on the West side in 1978.

Full of fans in 1978 (pretty much looks the same as today).

I had never really thought too much about it over the years, but Taylor Field was sort of just thrown together in sections over the years, guess that's why you don't get anything uniform looking like other stadiums. A frankenstein of sorts. You had the West Lower grandstand, then half the East grandstand, later the other half of the east side, then the upper deck on the west side, and finally a few years ago you get the end zone seats.

Several of us have been invited as guests in a Corporate Suite to watch the last game at the current stadium. We are going to the Air Force/Fresno State game on Friday then fly up to Hotel Saskatchewan on Saturday. Watch the game then fly home Sunday morning.
We are open to your comments, suggestions, whatever, including pregame and post game activities.

You guys are so lucky to be able to be at this final game , the rider fans are a crazy/fun bunch and probably the most dedicated, at least in numbers, in the whole league.
Don't limit yourselves to being sequestered in your private box the whole game , get out among the fans and enjoy the fun , there will be lots of memorable times I suspect .
The whole city will be engulfed in this final week-end at old Mosaic Stadium.

Enjoy !

Very cool. Who are you? Former player?


We are not former players, but I can not tell you who we are, only that we work out of Wash, DC.
Our hosts this weekend were our guests for the Giants/Green Bay game on Oct 9th.

Excellent. Ever been to a game in Regina before?