The end of Cats Chat?

If you look on his Cat Chat post, he states that he is going to write news and is off the Cats beat and replaced by Drew Edwards. I'll miss the Balsam Bengals references in the Thank you Ken for your informative insight into everything Ticats. I know Ill miss Cat Chat. What does everyone think?

Sorry I meant to mention that he is Ken Peters on the Spec.

Well that’s surprising. The interesting thing for me is how I didn’t care for his newspaper columns but enjoyed the blog. Maybe the absence of an editor improved the message.

Definitely going to miss Cat Chat. Wasn't always Ken Peters' biggest fan, but I found he kind of grew on me as the years went by. I really enjoyed his blog. Showed his human side, and I always enjoyed his opinions and his stories from the road. He wasn't afraid to speak frankly and ruffle the feathers of those whose feathers he felt needed ruffling. So long, Ken! Thanks for the enjoyment you provided over the years. Good luck with the News beat.

Always checked out Kens chat and will miss not seeing it, Good luck and thanks Ken. :thup: :frowning:

Thanks Ken... :frowning: :frowning:

I'm interested to see how the new beat reporter will work out.

I wish Ken the best, but I didn't care for his writing at all.

This is the best news this off-season.


Hopefully Jason Farr is next.

Will miss Kenny he a good Egg.

But my Own Blog will continue for 3rd Consecutive season for new BGR..
As you all know I have Done my blog since Bob Brought the team .
I took a year off and then was back it 2 seasons ago.
This will 3rd year in a row for it.

Good riddance!

Just goes to show how pathetic the local rag has become. Who is Drew Edwards? I've seen some columns from him about his running and such, about as much fun to read as watching paint dry. At least KP had some passion for the job, and tried to make reading the paper enjoyable. I guess Edwards deserves a chance but I won't hold my breath for the second coming of Mike Hanley or Jeff Dickens. Remember when Wade Hemsworth had the Cat beat, that was brutal and I see more of the same on the horizon.

Well, I thought Ken was fine, hey, it's Hamilton, not New York city. At the '07 GC in Toronto, I watched him get pissed beside me at Tigertown and watched him dance, he was great! And when I went to the can and left my wife, he wasn't trying to pick her up, like some slick guy was in a leather jacket. :x

Give the new guy a chance.

As far as Ken goes, I feel bad for him.
He did his job with passion and it sounds like the reassignment caught him off guard.
Seems like some liked, and some didn't like his long as they read it all is good.
I for one hopes he joins us fans in the Cats forum.

And Drew Edwards might already be on this forum as a poster.....Just maybe :wink:

All the best Ken! :thup: Thanks for your contributions and dedication to the Hamilton Tiger Cats. :rockin:

Welcome DREW! (I hope you have thick skin for all the "darts" that get shot at you from those that don't have the talent or interest to write about the Ticats) :roll:

Ken is a hometown boy and an avid, lifelong Ticat fan.

It was difficult for him to report on what was going on in
the front office or on the field from a rational perspective,

he just wanted to see results on the field,

He couldn’t understand that putting a team together
it isn’t a simple as signing people and pushing ‘start’.

Because of his volatile, ‘speak first, think later, nature’

and his strong lifetime feeling as a big fan ot the Ticats
which seemed to take precedence over him being a reporter,

he dwelled too exclusively on things that didn’t work for my liking,

Where a rational-thinking reporter would see, valid, unforseen reasons
causing some of the problems, those reasons escaped Kenny’s consciousness.

Unfortunately, Ken’s perspective as a fan and his growing infatuation
with irritating El Presidente, Mr Scott Mitchell, blew a good gig for him.



Addition by subtraction.

If being an uninformative , biased and flippant reporter was a crime he'd be on death row.

I didn't agree with everything Ken Peters wrote, but generally, I think he is a damn good reporter.
Good luck in the future Ken and many of us will be anxiously anticipating your new endeavors.

Drew: I hope to hell that you have strong shoulders and are able to withstand the inevitable abuse
that will be slung your way on this site. Good luck to you too!

The witless wonder is gone. Thank God.

Actually, he's still here, but many of us are waiting for you to leave.