The end of an era....

I am sorry to say after a long family history of ti-cat fans......the end has come....we have survived many years of ti-cat dissapointment...but never have i felt a low as this hard earned dollars will not be wasted again on this sad sack team....nobody seems accountable for this debacle....we hear it will get better....we just need a bit more time......stop blowing smoke up my wazzoo.....i hate the bullsxxx.

ah you'll be back. I'll feel your pain, but you'll be back.

We are the joke of the league...

we dont have to sell out stadiums or buy merchandise, but we'll still be fans and hope they succeed.

But Im not throwing money at mr. young jjust so i can watch them lose.

Don't let the gate hit you on the way out.

I will follow Jamie…let it hit him on his way out…

I am a former season ticket holder, circumstances led to my only attending games here and there.
I was totally fed up with the groups running the teams for a few years, Michaluk, Lumsdem, etc.
With Bob Young I hoped we had turned the corner, he seemed like a breath of fresh air.
I was skeptical, went to the odd game, seemed the fire was coming back - this off season rekindled some of that deep lying smouldering fires - I was figuring that in mid to late July my time committments would allow me to begin going to games again, some of the "flex" type ticket packages seemed appealing.
This past month has squashed any passion I was building.
This team was undisciplined last year, and last night was a disgrace.
At least the keystone cops WANTED to make you laugh.
This team is disfunctional, and it is the coaching staff, no strategy changes at the half - you just know the other team is going to make changes and kill us.
Look at the scoring for the third quarters - aaggghhhh..

No $$$ from me until they show they can get their act together

Hate to Tell This Borehamgirl..
But this Team will be Lucky to Match it Win total from Last Season Under Marshall..

This Fan Above is only 1st Of Many
who Walk on out on this team
If Changes are Not Done Soon..

You know how I Feel About Greg..

I also Too Will not Renew my Season Ticket
The Games Experance Mean Nothing anymore
with a Winning Team..

This Staff Can not Win...

Look What happen to Ottawa..
They Could not win
they are now Gone..

If Hamilton Dose do somthing Soon..
We join them in the Grave Yard of CFL Teams.

Hey Borehamgirl. He didn't say that he was not going to be a fan. He said he wouldn't pay to watch this junk. Who can blame him? We didn't sell out our home opener and it will only get worse. Be high and migbhtly if you want, but it sounds like Grimzby has been around for a while.

I'll be sure to post a cute little comment to you when Boreham is cut and you're feeling upset and post something.

Just a little over the edge I think. The team is losing and that has to change but to give up on them completly, a real fan knows that is not the way to go.

Good riddance. True Fans wouldn't desert the team when they are going through a rough patch. Hamilton has the talent to win a grey cup and really soon they just to find some guys with brains who don't take dumb penalties. We would have beat Montreal last night had it not have been for hits after plays and things like that. Montreal didn't look that great last night and they helped us with penalties to make plays longer and we got points from them but then we returned the favour with dumb penalties. This should not be allowed.

I agree with Borehamgirl don't let the gates hit you in the behind on the way out. And they will still get lots of fans because a lot of us believe that they will get this turned around. They were a much better team last night but still have to work on the penalty situation. We were winning at halftime last night. Remember when Montreal was here 2 weeks ago that they were up 17-0 at the first quarter. So things are turning around.

How Can Anyone Want to Watch Losing Football.
I am a Season Ticket Holder I am Already Regretting it..

I don't blame Anyone Who Wants to Just Watch The Games at Home Now..
Game Day Experience My Butt we need to Win.

I want to Pro Coaches Coach Pro Players
I am not See that ..

Why Waist Close to $500.00 on Team the Can't win. It Makes no Sence..

Whan I Can Stay Home Drink Cheep Beer
And Save My Money for Somthing worth my $$$.

This Team needs to make Changes for me to want to come back..

[b]On Paper we should Leading the East..
But We don't play the Games on Paper..

And Our Coaches Staff has Let us Down..
And So Has Bob....[/b]

Well Onknight if your regretting it then why don’t you sell your tickets to your friends or someone else that would actually appreciate being there. The last thing this team needs is fans that are negative towards them. They need our support now more than ever and if your not willing to do that then don’t bother coming.

Because no one in Right mind would Buy it
For What I paid for it...

I Can't Break Even SO I'll Stick it out..
But I Won't be Back Next Year Unless Major Changes are Made..

The Ticats Don't Need Fan Who are not
Going to speak their minds..

How are Things Going to get better if We Don't Complain

They Won't

So I will Keep Complaning Till Things are Right..

That is My Right as Season Pass Holder.

I understand everyone's frustration.


After every loss this year I ask myself why am I doing this? Why do I care? Why do I spend my hard earned money on this?


Keep complaining when things are unacceptable. We've earned that right.

Keep complaining when players take boneheaded penalties afer the play. We've earned that right.

Keep complaining when we feel our coaches have not addressed certain matters. We've earned that right.

But most importantly KEEP COMING BACK.

We are the Hamilton Tiger-Cats and we're very close....very close.

No team has beaten this year...our stupidity has beaten us this year.

I predict Calgary will fall next week.


Come on its only 4 games into the season.
This team needs time to "Gel"

But look on the bright side, we can't finish worse than last year. The worst we can do this year is eighth place, last year we were ninth..... :lol:

:lol: :lol: :lol:

Yes, everyone has the right to complain when things aren't going our way. Everyone also has the right to call for the heads of players, coaches, management, even ownership. But having the right to do something doesn't mean it's a good choice to do it. Making wise choices that are in the long term interest of the team is what is expected of management. I believe they are doing that, despite the frustrations of each disappointing game.

The lack of leadership from the coaching staff is the major problem here, hard choices need to be made - and come clean with the fans.

If you are going to stick with Marshal come heck or high water say so.
His very slow learning curve is taking a long time.
This is his 3rd year and he still has very little composure on the sidelines, makes absolutely none (or very poor) changes at half time - as evidenced by 3rd quarter scoring.

I have 4 teenagers and to attend a game means dropping in excess of $200 bucks - I do not see the value in the product for that investment.

Mr. Young said if the fans don't buy tickets, it's his fault, not theirs ... he may realize this reality if the crowds go down.

I really hope they can change my mind and encourage me to come out, but between the on field performance, and the concession issues - what's the point.

And as far as the decision not to financially support the team raising the question of whether you are a true fan - I sat through rain to watch TJ Coffey kick field goals, I have supported this team for many years. The value today just doesn't cut it.

Prove me wrong boys, and I'll eat crow.....

Get rid of this guy or i'll boycott, get rid of this guy cause he's ineffective, get rid of this guy cause he is trying to sabbotage the team from the inside.

Boycotting are for losers. You use Ottawa as an example? Ottawa didnt have the resources that we have and this year we are TRYING to use them.

:o :lol: