The End Matt Nichols.

His career will finally come to an end this season. He will use up his last chance ,and be exposed as a spaghetti arm , slow moving ,bad decision making reject.
The crazy thing about this dude, is that he didnt wash out of the league years ago. He kept getting hurt however, and thus stuck around for another year.
Then Reilly took over and he rode the pine while collecting 150k/season.
He might last 3 quarters of play, and Willy will be be back in.
Then the Bombers will lose again, but due to declining attendance, won't be able to afford to fire Oshea.
They wi be forced to cut Nichols soon, before he qualifies for a whole year of pay.
No other team will pick this useless wonder off of the scrap heap.

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um wow tell us what you really think of Nichols :lol:

I honestly believe that those season ending injuries he had, extended his career by a few years.

After Masoli just set the completion record against the Eskimos defence, don't think this was the right move. If Willy can find no way to move the offence against the Eskimos' defence then you give up on him and MOS and just move on.

But MOS is getting desperate and really doesn't have much to play with at QB right now, so he is trying something different which he should get some credit for, a lot of Bombers fan have been calling for Willy's head this year as well.

On the flip side, now Nichols has a chance to put together a nice game against a soft defence, it'll be interesting to see how this all plays out, Bombers defence isn't half bad this could end up being a really good game. Or Eskimos are going to take out every single frustration they have on the Bombers after an embarrassing loss....

Alot of Mazoli's success came from throwing the ball 30 yards or more.. Nichols cant throw the ball 30 yards with his spaghetti arm. So this is a non-starter

need a hankie to wipe the egg off your face Bungle? :stuck_out_tongue:



this thread keeps getting funnier and funnier.

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bungle, how's that working for ya so far? He looked good again last night! But you did say by end of this season, let's give it more time.

....So Nichols can't throw a ball more than 30 yards.... :lol: :lol: Must have been a mirage that I was seeing cuz it sure as hell looked like he was connecting all over the field last night....Tailed off in the second half because that was an 'all she wrote' for the Cats...Besides egg on your face bungle...there's a heaping pile of dead crow for you to get your teeth into....A little salt maybe???? Might help you to choke it down :lol: :lol: :lol:

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Earth calling Bungle, Earth calling Bungle! Did you want to give us more insights on Nichols after today's game?

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I love this end of Nichols. :smiley:

Yeah yeah yeah.
Look.. Im a Bombers fan and want the team to win.
They are winning, so of course I am happy.
Nichols has shown alot more poise than he did with previous starts, so I am willing to admit that he has suprisingly improved significantly.
However, his spegettii arm will still be the end of him. He threw atleast three pick sixes tonight for completions. He completely lucked out because Toronto DBs just refused to make a break for the ball.
He has to stop throwing rainbows and stick to his short game, because rainbows have been coming out of other places from his body ,other than his arm.